How Hosted Call Center Reporting Improves Employee Performance

December 16, 2016

hosted_call_center_reporting_improves_performance.jpgOne of the most important – and also the most widely discussed – reasons that organizations switch to a hosted call center is to generate substantial, ongoing cost-savings. While each implementation and configuration is different, it is not uncommon for the savings to reach or even surpass 50 percent vs. a conventional on-premises system. This translates into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that organizations can put back into their operations, year after year.

However, there is another substantial advantage to hosted call centers that can be just as beneficial and, indeed, profitable: using comprehensive call center reporting to improve employee performance. Below, we provide an overview of these advantages.

Call Center Reporting Advantage #1:  Real-Time Wall Boards

With real-time wall boards, companies can instantly and accurately monitor the overall call center performance, and highlight areas that need a performance upgrade. Key customizable metrics and KPIs include: calls in queue, longest wait time, average wait time, missed called, received calls, and answered calls. This data can accessed through the web, or streamed live to a flat screen.

Call Center Reporting Advantage #2:  Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

Organizations can also drill-down and generate reports on individual employee performance, and identify problems or issues that can be addressed through training, or in more serious cases, warnings, write-ups, and reassignments.

What’s more, performance issues can be brought to a specific employee’s attention in a quantitative vs. qualitative manner, which can help keep the discussion focused and constructive (e.g. “as you can see from this report, for the last three months your call answer rate is 30 percent below the benchmark, can you please shed some light on why you think this is?”).

Call Center Reporting Advantage #3:  Share Reports

While some performance issues are employee specific, others are more systemic and typically involve other departments that indirectly support call center operations. For example, employee productivity (at both an individual and aggregate level) may be below standard – but not because employees are under-performing. Rather, it may be the result of sales teams or finance teams providing customers with the wrong (or different) information. Generating reports and sharing them with other teams is an effective way to resolve these issues and get everyone on the same page.

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