Votacalls Hosted Call Center Gives Incomparable Competitive Advantages

December 12, 2012

12/12/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- A Call Center is such a necessity for large and small companies, they are often forced to design their own. This is because the market does not offer Call Centers that fill the specific needs of each company. The key to success for these call centers is the ability to promote the customer experience, without dramatically affecting the bottom line. This trend and view has opened the door for a new kind of call center, a hosted voip one. Look no further, Votacall's Hosted VoIP Phone System has a platform built with a Hosted Call Center. This call center offers functionality not found anywhere else on the telecommunication market.

According to a 2011 Frost & Sullivan report, "Call centers can lower the cost of their contact handling and workforce optimization infrastructure by up to 43 percent over a five-year period by utilizing cloud-based offerings rather than installing equipment in their own facilities." Votacall is the leading provider of Hosted Call Center functionality, design and implementation. Considered innovators within the Hosted VoIP industry, Votacall, offers a hosted call center that is the industries best and constantly adds additional features. Votacall believes that if their call center is not providing users a competitive advantage, then they are not doing their job. Therefore, the product team constantly evaluates and enhances our Hosted VoIP platform, which directly impacts and upgrades the call centers functionality to meet the constantly changing needs of their customer base.

With all the upgrades, the Votacall Call Center offers a far larger number of advantages and benefits than any other service on the market. For starters, the cost of Votacall's call center is generally 50% less than the price for a traditional phone systems call center service. This is possible due to the minimal upfront costs and the "pay as you go" model, coupled with reduced maintenance fees and network costs.

Another advantage is the efficient call queuing and call handling. The traditional concept of a Legacy system is to queue the calls at the customers location within their PBX and wait for an available agent to take the call. This process requires enough trunks for the active calls along with enough for calls waiting. The benefit of Votacall's Hosted Call Center is the technology allows for calls to be queued within the provider's cloud network, and routed to an agent only when they are available. This will allow the user to take advantage of the ease of provisioning and managing multi-site and remote agents, using a single, central queue which routes calls to agents regardless of their physical location.

With the ability to have employees at multiple locations, Hosted Call Centers are much more scalable and flexible. It offers the ability to rapidly scale up or down to handle unexpected or fluctuating call volume quickly, without disrupting or changing infrastructure. This creates a level of ease of use that cannot be compared with the old Legacy call centers. Whether you are running a campaign, expanding with new customers or entering a busy holiday season, Votacall's Hosted Call Center will deliver the flexibility to your company to meet its changing needs.

Votacall is constantly adding layers of features to the call center in an effort to deliver the latest technology and functionality to end-users. Because the solution is cloud based, the upfront and hardware fees are minimal and affordable. Probably most importantly, if you are a Votacall customer, all upgrades to the hosted voip platform are passed down to our end-user at no additional charge. Essentially, if you are a Votacall customer, you automatically get new features and services updated to our platform for free. These updates are installed by the support and operations teams, eliminating any installs or updates our users have to do themselves. Its a managed subscribed service, meaning you get the latest and greatest technology Votacall has to offer, at no additional charge.

With hosted architecture, calls are queued in the cloud and can be re-routed to alternate locations in the case of service disruption due to inclement weather, natural disaster or power outage. This business continuity is critical to companies remaining successful in the hard economic times. Most companies cannot afford to lose power and phone signal without having a hosted call center offsite that records the missed calls/messages. During hurricane Sandy, ShorTel Sky (previously M5 Networks) lost power and phone signal because they did not have a redundant and multi-offsite data centers. Meaning, even though they had an auto-attendant included with their call center, it was not operable because their cloud was not redundant. With Votacall, the call center is hosted through two offsite locations across the country that guarantee that situation would not happen. A customer of our Hosted VoIP platform gets the call center with a redundant, multi-site cloud auto-attendant.

Votacalls hosted call center offers mobility that is superior to any legacy system. It gives customers the ability to transfer calls to a user instead of a specific phone. This user can have multiple devices and can transfer the call to any of them, whichever one the employee is currently operating on. This feature gives your business an incredible amount of flexibility because your employees can work from anywhere while still being able to stay connected with the rest of the team. In addition, the Votacall call center offers seamless integration between the user and unified communication (UC) services. The ability to connect anywhere and anytime via videoconferencing, instant messaging, presence and web collaboration allow a company to stay in sync. The call center offers the technology to direct and distribute certain calls to any one of the UC features with true flawlessness.

Votacall's Hosted Call Center has the design and implementation capabilities to deliver your company a competitive advantage over the industry. Our Hosted VoIP Phone System offers a platform with many features and services, one being the Hosted Call Center. This feature has many advantages and delivers the best Call Center in the industry. You owe your business the proper features and would be pleased to see the positive outcome from the Votacall Hosted Call Center. Give Votacall a call today and find out for yourself.



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