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Hosted VoIP System Improves Sales Teams Productivity and Efficiency

December 13, 2012

12/13/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Many companies are switching their sales force to office phones. Meaning, sales employees are trending to traveling less and using their voices to sign deals as opposed to face to face meetings. This is where a Hosted VoIP Phone System can benefit them, eliminating high charges for local and long distance calling. Its able to do this by operating over the internet, where most older premise-based phone systems are operating via telephone lines. Sales teams have to constantly adapt to the competitive and fragmented industries they operate in, pushing for more businesses to buy into the Hosted VoIP Phone System idea.

The features these systems offer can turn a company into an immediate success simply by adding productivity and structure. For example, our Votacall VoIP platform offers a Hosted Call Center (see my last blog) that gives the companies features for sales teams to utilize. With the addition of these features, sales employees can improve the whole process of dealing with customers and finding new ones. In this rough economy, companies need to focus on attacking the proper market niche and keeping costs low. Call analysis is an option provided with the Votacall platform, it records all calls and gives data on them such as length, incoming vs. outgoing, region of country and so on...It helps managers and owners make decisions that benefit the company because they have accurate call based numbers to base them on. The data will help them focus on certain market niche and eliminating wasted phone time. Therefore, if the owners and sales reps have the features to achieve this, the company will see production improvements.

Consumers are always trying to find the best deal, Hosted VoIP Phone Systems guarantee your receiving the lowest price for a telecom system; while improving productivity. Many consumers are worried about how reliable the Cloud Communication technology is since they are saving money. In most cases, the call quality actually improves and allows for sales teams to use the clearest phone lines. All the benefits of a Hosted VoIP Phone System seem to help sales teams function. The features delivered to the office phones through the platform are designed to improve efficiency and productivity. There are services included with VoIP that can work for mobile employees as well.

If a sales employee works from the office but utilizes face to face meeting to close deals, then he might be mobile some days. Unified Communications are offered through the Hosted VoIP platform and guarantee employees will always stay connected. An employee has the ability to stay in contact with a manager, owner or underling depending on what is necessary. This increases productivity and makes sure communication channels are always open.

Communication is of the utmost importance for a business. That reason alone suggests companies should adopt a Hosted VoIP Phone System in order to improve their everyday operations and communications. In addition to adding all these features and services, your company will be cutting costs and eliminating local and long distance calling charges. Those charges can accrue to huge amounts for a company with a large sales team. In order to achieve more productive and efficient sales employees, a Hosted VoIP Phone System must be installed, whether your employees are in the office or mobile.

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