Votacall GO! Teams - Name A Better Duo, We'll Wait.

August 18, 2020

Here at Votacall, we are a strong believer in facilitating collaboration and strong communication within and across every one of our departments as our clients move from sales to onboarding and then on to our support team

Microsoft Teams has played a role in the collaborating we do on a daily basis for the last few years - but wasn't considered "essential" to our success.

When COVID-19 hit, that definitely changed (as it did for many companies).

For us, the daily tasks of dealing with contracts, equipment, diagnostic information, partnerships, etc., which can be inconvenient to say the least, were now centralized and could be communicated seamlessly between each other and our customers - so we absolutely love it!

In a few words - being on the Teams platform has given us the power to, well, just be better.

Seeing the success we have had with it in the last few months and beyond, we saw an opportunity to enhance the Teams experience! πŸ€”

Believe It or Not, We've Upgraded the Teams Experience!

At this point, most of us have used Teams at our jobs and know the value it brings from making everything more centralized and easier to deal with and communicate.

From their Office 365 integration to file sharing to its planning abilities, they really do have a solid platform - especially for the unique business needs of 2020.

The problem is this: We find ourselves having to move outside of Teams for calls or having to sacrifice the enhanced feature set and reliability offered by modern phone systems.  

As a telecom company, we noticed this was where we could push teams and give it an upgrade - not only on your desktop or laptop, but on your mobile devices as well!

Introducing: Votacall GO! Teams

GO-Teams-mobile-experienceWe are proud to announce that we have successfully integrated the Votacall Solution into Teams through Votacall GO! Teams! By embedding our VoIP technology, we give ANY user of Teams - from our leaders to base-level employees - the power of our voice enablement tools on any of their devices. The abilities of these tools will demonstrate productivity on a whole new level! 

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about our Microsoft Teams Integration πŸ‘ˆ

Features That Go WAY Deeper Than Voice

With Votacall GO! Teams, we are not only talking about making and receiving high quality calls. With this inter-device solution, you will also be able to:

  1. Send and receive SMS and fax documents with current clients and potential future customers.
  2. Record calls with the ability to playback and add notes.
  3. View your Votacall dashboard and run reports.
  4. Monitor your teams calls for enhanced coaching and compliance.

With this technology, we upgrade the Teams experience of any coach (leader) and its players (employees) for a more productive, efficient and confident TEAM. πŸ˜‰

For more information, we will be posting about each of the specific features we are introducing into the Teams platform and how they can be used to increase productivity, transparency between team members and overall efficiency to its users or find out right now...

Microsoft Teams Integration Features

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