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Use Your Office Number From Your Mobile Device

May 1, 2020

For a while now, companies have had the ability to have office calls forwarded to their mobile devices. 

Awesome, right?!

Unfortunately, anyone that has used this simple kind of service has run into a specific issue, myself included.

What if you miss the call? How do you get back in touch with that potential customer?

With these basic call-forwarding functions, you have two options in this situation:

1. Give your personal mobile device number/info to that person, compromising your privacy and work-life balance.


2. Call back with your number blocked (in other words, "this is a scam" or "don't answer if you know what's good for you") giving you almost absolutely no chance of getting an answer.

Anyone working in sales knows, if you receive a call on your office phone, the likelihood of you closing something is much higher than when you initiate the conversation. A call back, at least to a fairly new salesperson like myself, makes your heart skip a beat (in a good way).

My point is, you don't want to have to choose between calling from your personal number or from a blocked number. So now what?

VotacallGO! is your answer.

It seems like a simple fix, right?

Well, with VotacallGO!, it is. With this application, anytime you make a call for business or personal reasons, you can choose which number you want to show up on the caller ID. 😲

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Let us help you eliminate the hassle of caller ID! Contact us to set up a trial for the VotacallGO! app and see how easy and convenient these capabilities really are!

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