VotacallGO! Teams: The Basics (That Produce Non-Basic Results)

October 14, 2020

Introducing: Votacall GO! Teams

GO-Teams-mobile-experienceWe are proud to announce that we have successfully integrated the Votacall Solution into Teams through Votacall GO! Teams! By embedding our VoIP technology, we give ANY user of Teams - from our leaders to base-level employees - the power of our voice enablement tools on any of their devices. The abilities of these tools will demonstrate productivity on a whole new level! 

In this post, we will be covering the basics of what our new Teams integration provides to its users (however, they are not basic at all!)

The Essentials: Phone Calls

Of course, when you integrate a top-rated, business grade phone solution into an app like Teams, you will now have the ability to make and take phone calls from within the app. These types of calls include: 

  • direct calls to your dedicated line
  • conference calls with your team and/or clients

But it doesn't stop there. You will now be able to seamlessly access and use ANY of the functions of your desk phone conveniently right from your Teams app. You can now:

  • access your entire directory
  • bridge and/or transfer calls
  • set and change away messages

Seems awesome, right?! All the functionality of your company's high-tech, fancy, interconnected phone system accessible from any of your devices. How can you beat that?

That ain't it, folks! Let's keep going.

The New Age of Outreach: SMS & Chat Messaging

You can also use all of these features to send and receive SMS messages - as well as internal chat with your colleagues.

You're probably thinking "OK that's nice, but why is this important?" 

Because the people say so! In 2020, SMS marketing is emerging as one of the best ways to contact and engage current and potential customers.

Statistics from 2020 so far suggest:

  • 75% of consumers are comfortable receiving SMS messages from brands as long as they opt-in to messaging.
  • 64% of consumers think businesses should contact them via text messages more often.
  • 75% of consumers want to receive texts with special offers.

This less intrusive and non-time sensitive outreach method is the way to go for the next generation of consumers.

It can also be used more frequently (without backlash) and has a much higher chance of being seen, with 83% of millennials opening SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.


And if you really want to use this technology to your advantage, you could even send out personalized messages to give your clients that human feel we're all looking for!

Ol' Reliable: Fax Sharing

And last, but not least - the integration also supports the ability to send and receive fax files! Yes, even though this method is a little outdated to us millennials, it is still used widely by businesses and older generations. We would never want to leave them behind!

In our next post, we will give deeper into the call center functionality of VotacallGO! Teams and how business leaders, as well as any level of employee, can use it to improve their track and improve their performance!

⚡Until then, you can indulge more HERE.⚡

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