Hosted VoIP System Reduces Holiday Stress + Generates Productive Time

December 18, 2012

12/18/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP Phone System– Boston, Massachusetts- With the holidays rapidly approaching, I am sure everyone is feeling the stress of having too many tasks for the available hours. Between working, wrapping gifts and co-ordination of family parties; the holidays can create difficulties finishing all your office work. Having to commute to and from the office everyday to check your voice mail or make some calls from your office number can be a hassle and eliminate hours that could be spent productively. I have an answer to your problem, a Hosted VoIP Phone System. You might wonder how this would help maximize your useful time and allow you to be less stressed during the holidays.

A Hosted VoIP Phone System offers specific features and services that allow for Unified Communications and overall an easier life. Votacall's Anywhere Mobility is a feature that can forward your office number to any mobile device, allowing for you to receive and make calls from your "office number" even though you are at a family party at your house. It shows your work number on peoples caller IDs and can convince customers you are in the office dealing with their issues. This helps maximize productive time because it can eliminate certain days of needing to commute into the office. If you have a busy day filled with parties and the need to complete work, you can skip the morning commute and operate from your home office. Allowing you to get everything done and be on-time for that night Christmas party; creating a win-win situation.

With the companies production increasing, everyone in the office will be happier and the office culture will improve. Nobody enjoys being stressed out about not getting their work done on time. Therefore, with a Hosted VoIP Phone System, your company can become more flexible and cater to not only your customer needs, but employees as well. Everyone knows that with pleasant and satisfied employees, a company will see prosperity through increased efficiency and productivity. A Hosted VoIP Phone System has a direct positive impact on the whole company, not just telecommunications. Being able to benefit from such a simple decisions seems like a no brainer, which is why more companies are leaning towards a hosted system today.

The company receives all the positives spoken about above at an amazingly cheaper price than the old Legacy Systems. The services and features are better, the price is lower and the whole system reduces stress for everyone involved by pure convenience. The system is a reliable option and with Votacall's EdgeMarc business partner, call quality usually is stronger than premise-based systems. From what I hear daily about a Hosted VoIP Phone System, there is no reason not to adopt this technology. Actually, it would negatively impact your company if you choose another Telecom options. Choose VoIP---Think Big, Go Votacall!

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