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Votacall's Hosted VoIP Platform Offers Voice-mail to Email

January 23, 2013

1/24/2013- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- Votacall offers Voice-mail to Email which is very effective at reducing stress during the workday. As you will read below, Voice-mail has been used less over the years because of its difficulty of use. However, with voice transcriptions being sent to email, voice-mailbox use should be on the rise.

According to a new report from USA Today and Vonage, a residential VoIP Phone System company, the number of voice-mail messages left on user accounts was down 8% in July from a year ago. Retrieved voice-mail fell 14% among Vonage users in the same period.

Tech Crunch Magazine says "It takes much longer to listen to a message than read it. And voice-mail is usually outside of our typical workflow, making it hard to forward or reply to easily."

So, what is the solution? Well - many people are having their voice-mail converted to email or text


According to Vonage, one response of companies to this trend is voicemail to email, which converts voice messages to text for delivery as e-mail or instant message. The service also e-mails a direct link to the voice-mail audio file, letting users bypass several steps to listen to it. "Voice transcription isn't perfect," Tempora says. "But they understand who called and what the message is about."

Vonage speculated that the rise of texting, instant messaging, and transcription apps has contributed to the death of voicemail. Plus, people are making fewer calls overall than they used to. The shift away from voicemail is being lead by younger users who are keen to embrace time-saving alternatives like texting, video-chat and social media.


Quickly glance at the text to get an idea of the message when you're on the go

Voice-mail to email is a great way to combat the time and patience needed to listen to those nasty voicemail messages. With this feature of Hosted VoIP Phone, you can quickly glance at a voice-mail message to see if you need to respond immediately or if it can wait.

Transcribed voicemails are searchable

Voice-mail transcriptions that come to your email are now searchable! Can’t remember where that voicemail from that important lead is? Just search your email in box and you not only have a transcript of the voicemail but an attached audio file.

Discretely check your voicemail anytime, anywhere

Listening to voice-mail in a meeting is rude. However, reading a email transcription of a voice-mail is perfectly fine and more efficient.

Easily forward your voice-mails as email

These emails can be forwarded like any other. Say you have a voice transcribed email from a new customer asking for some information that your secretary could answer. You’re in a meeting and can’t get away; just forward the email to your secretary and ask her to handle it.

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