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VoIP + Unified Communications offer Flexibility &Customer Satisfaction

January 21, 2013

1/22/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP- Boston, Massachusetts- A Hosted VoIP platform is designed to offer flexibility to customers by utilizing the internet instead of land lines. It allows users to be able to work remotely or on the road as their job requires. There are many features and products that combine with the telephone capabilities of a hosted VoIP. Unified Communications & Collaboration is typically what these products are called because they unify all employees into one system and help them collaborate and communicate freely, without hassle or stress.

Unified Communications can range from Votacall's Anywhere Mobility service to video conferencing devices & software. The 'Anywhere' service allows users to transfer their office desk telephone number to any mobile device they might be using. This way, if you are waiting on an important call from a customer but need to leave the office to get to an appointment; the number can be forwarded to your mobile device. This allows you to receive it no matter what location or predicament you may be in. In addition, the service forwards your office caller ID to your mobile device. Therefore, that customer calls, it appears to them that they are speaking with you via your office desk phone; even though you could be stuck in traffic on Interstate 95. This offers peace of mind to customers because they think you are always in the office serving them, when in reality you are rarely in the office with meetings and other customer site issues. Customers like to feel they are being taken care of first and from the companies main office location.

Pleasing the customer is the main goal of almost every business within any industry. The customer is the consumer that gives your company business or goes to a competitor. Pleasing consumers can make or break a company, if they are successful at it, then the company will succeed..and if not, the company will fail. Video conferencing is a feature of the hosted voip platform that creates an easy way for employees, possible customers and anyone one else required to interact. Its a higher level of communication than speaking on a telephone and has distinct advantages.

Video Conferencing combines a telephone call with video chat and has forever changed the way we communicate. It eliminates the need for some cross country travel because individuals can communicate "face-to-face" via video conferencing. The ability to see a persons face on this software improves the message being verbally conveyed, since some researches believe the level of nonverbal communication is as high as 80%. Most people will agree, seeing peoples body language and facial gestures can help you understand the true meaning behind what they are saying. Video conferencing can be used in groups as well for a new form of the word "meeting". It allows a company with offices all around the world to have employees meet via a virtual conference room which is the video conference platform. This new form of meeting can reduce travel time and expense because certain meetings can now be done through the hosted voip platform. I understand that not all meetings can be eliminated, certain high executive meetings must be done in a traditional conference room. However, it does reduce the need for some travel. For example, say a product team in Japan and the United States were working on a new telephone. Instead of having to travel across the globe to exchange ideas, they can communicate face to face with video conferencing. Its an improvement over speaking on the telephone or by email and will truly improve customer satisfaction.

This flexibility offered by video conferencing through the Unified Communication features can help convince a customer to switch to a Hosted VoIP Platform. Its not just the internet telephone or the video conferencing, its the whole platform that consists of many features and services of a broad range of uses. They are all designed to please the customer and fulfill their needs and wants. These offerings are constantly being updated and innovated to increase customer satisfaction daily. A hosted voip system offers reliability & flexibility that cannot be matched by a premise-base system, it simply has better, more effective features. The system allows employees to work remotely and improves inter-company communication through clearer phone discussions and the ability to video conference. Overall, a hosted voip system improves productivity and efficiency, while keeping the customer satisfied by delivering above and beyond their expectations. You really need to see the pure functionality of these systems, call Votacall today (1-781-693-0647) to learn more and get a first hand experience of the amazing offerings that will improve your company.

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