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Companies Must Make Progressive Technology Decisions

January 21, 2013

6/4/2013- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- I saw a quote today that was very interesting pertaining to technology and the social web. "My company is on Facebook therefore we are a social business. I am wearing sneakers, therefore I am in the NBA." Basically it's saying that just going through the motions of social media and technology without really translating it to your company is noneffective. Your company may have a Facebook page or even a Twitter, but do you update it regularly? monitor it for interacting with responses? The real goal of social media is to increase your reach and interact with those people. The same concept can be applied to technology.

Technology is at the root of every industry, being a critical factor to success and failure. Many companies choose old premise-based phone systems while others are early adopters and go down the Hosted VoIP route. Yes, both sides have success and failure stories, but does one side seem to generate more positive experiences. I think everyone would agree, in order to stay ahead of the competition, most companies need to be at the cutting edge of technology and continuously updating their equipment and electronics. If your main competitor has a more efficient and productive phone system, you will lose out on sales and revenue. The idea is to get the best system for your specific company. Some people think VoIP only benefits certain sizes and styles of business. That is not true, voip is scaleable and can improve any companies communications, regardless of size.

On top of that, consumers are afraid VoIP is not reliable because its a new technology. The truth is the opposite, during Hurricane Sandy almost every premise-based phone system collapsed with no options for back-up voice-mail or Auto Attendant. Some VoIP platforms even went down, but the truly reliable systems worked as planned. Operating until power went down, then numbers were forwarded to mobile devices and Auto Attendants took over; guaranteeing no phone call or sale was lost. Votacall's VoIP Platform was one such company that has services work properly, its competitor, ShoreTel Sky, had a treacherous experience with the storm. Basically, their whole service went down for 5 full days. Customers were left in the dark, no voice-mail or Auto-Attendant.

Customers became upset and were looking into switching carriers. At Votacall, we had no such issues because we operate on a fully redundant system and utilize backup power to guarantee our customers will receive the services and disaster protection they pay for. The ideal situation for a customer is to receive the services and products they are thinking they are buying into. Reliable VoIP is provided by certain companies who know the technology and are leaders in the industry.

In order to gain this reliability for your telecom system, companies must strategically implement technology. They cannot just keep ordering the same premise-based system without looking at other options. I real innovative company looks at the economy and what other companies are doing, when they do this, they will find Hosted VoIP is the leading trend. A company must utilize technology to help them succeed, they cannot remain stagnant and accept the limited capabilities they have. There is always something better to strive for and cloud communications delivers that.

If your company wants to be a social company and adopt new technology, they need to do so by action. They must manage the social media pages constantly and must make technology choices that constantly updates their equipment and keeps themselves ahead of the competition. Without doing these things, no matter how much they talk about it, they will never become a social, technical or successful company. Business requires making sounds decisions that improve and further the positive aspects of the company. Adopting Hosted VoIP is definitely one such choice and will lead to a more productive and efficient business overall. Be an early adopter and join the trend to VoIP. Think BIG, GO Votacall!

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