What's your Value Proposition in the Cloud

Andy DeAngelis
May 11, 2012

5/11/12 - Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts - The more and more we hear about and use Cloud technology in our personal and professional lives, the susceptible the technology is to the piling on of players trying to add an alternative revenue stream. There is definitely blood in the water and teh sharks are no longer circling, they are attacking. The Cloud's youngest son, VoIP has been affected the most by this. We have seen large traditional traditional telecom hardware companies scramble to get a Hosted VoIP PBX play either through acquisition or reverse engineering of exisiting products (which is scary) and we have all been exposed to every Carrier presenting presenting (most times half-heartedly) their Hosted VoIP solution. With all of these players entering the market, saturating the market and confusing the market, it is clear that the Value Proposition is the key to success in the VoIP space. More than half of the players are just trying to stabalize a declining market share and have no real commitment on the innovation and customer experience side of the Cloud. They just want to be LOW price on paper. That is the beginning of commoditization of VoIP and although it is a scary reality, it is a reality nonetheless. Regardless, Voice has always been the tricky animal that IT guys hated and Carriers left vanilla. Voice simply is not simple. Anyone with exposure to telecom will agree. Today, customers are more demanding than ever and with higher expectations comes a responsibility to deliver. That is where a VoIP Provider's Value Proposition comes in. If the Value Proposition is in line with exceeding expectations through constant innovation and evolution, you may have found the Business Class mVoIP Carrier and Managed Service Provider that will change your business. Remember, with the Cloud and Voice over IP, this should be the last telecommunications decision you should ever have to make. So, for the moment, disregard the price and listen for the value becasue it will make all of the difference in the long run.

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