Behold the Power of the Cloud

Andy DeAngelis
May 15, 2012

5/15/2012 - Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts - Behold the power of the Cloud. In our everyday existence the Cloud has made us faster, more productive, accessibe, has made us better. The birth of the Cloud starts with the BIG BANG of real bandwidth that is clean and affordable. That bandwidth has provided a platform for Cloud technologies which is advancing our ability to communicate, to access, to grow, change and adapt at a rapid pace. It is taking over leaving the hardware model in ruins. Reuven Cohen, a contributor at Forbes, has hit the nail on the head and believes that the Cloud is the disruptive technology that is omnipresent and if we stop to evaluate how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis it would prove the point that "The Cloud is Eating the World".



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