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People pushing Cloud Based Services

August 18, 2012

7/30/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–I heard a cool idea today, the statement that the Cloud based services push is similar to the gold rush of the late 1940's. Once the first gold was discover, everyone flocked to california with the idea of striking it rich. Nowadays, companies are pushing cloud based services with the intent of saving money and becoming more profitable. Also, corporations choose to offer hosted voip options along with Unified Communications because the market is huge and ever-growing. Votacall (company I work for), was created off of All Business Communications with the idea to focus soley on being a boston VoIP provider and spreading the Cloud services. We have become very successful with an ever growing market. The sales team has continued to be incredible and new customer kept emerging. We have capatalized on a market that is fragmented with several large and small companies being VoIP providers. Without these companies cloud based services would not have been pushed as fast and the whole Cloud idea and IP-PBX system may have not emerged as the leading communication trend for 10 more years. As a massachusetts voip provider, we are the facilitators and negotiators who set the price and range of service. However, if our customers are not satisified with what be are offering then we dont become profitable. The key is to please the consumer base and maintain a steady base of customers willing to purchase our services for decades to come. So ultimatley, the customers hold the control of the cloud and might guarantee the future to continue to grow.

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