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How Hosted VoIP Can Streamline Your Business Communications

April 26, 2017

VoIP helps business communicationOn today’s relentlessly-fast passed business landscape, streamlining operations, workflows and processes is not just a best practice or a top priority: it is an essential requirement for success; and in the long-run, for survival. Indeed, businesses with in-demand products, competitive price positions, and plenty of potential have nevertheless entered the proverbial “dustbin” of history because streamlining was not permanently on top of their to-do list.

Yet, to surge past their competition and deliver exceptional customer experiences, businesses must also streamline another piece of their operational puzzle: business communications. However, this is often much easier said than done! This is because what can look relatively simple and straightforward on paper, often manifests quite differently during implementation. Common symptoms of this anti-meshing include:

  • Business communication tools and systems in the environment do not integrate and sync, which means time-consuming and error-prone manual updates (if they are done at all).
  • Employees are obligated to access the phone system from specific, pre-defined locations (e.g. their workstation), even though they may spend some or most of their time out of the office.
  • Some (or perhaps all) of the communication tools available are complex and have steep learning curves – which may not be a big problem for more IT savvy employees, but can be a major roadblock for those less technically-inclined (or just too busy to spend days trying to figure out how the phone system works!)

Fortunately, business do not have to try – and invariably fail – to fit their workflows, needs and preferences around the limitations and restrictions of their outdated and obstructive business communication infrastructure. Instead, they can upgrade to a hosted VoIP phone system and dramatically simplify and streamline their experience.

Hosted VoIP phone systems leverage a true game-changer on the business communication landscape called Unified Communication. Essentially, it enables businesses to integrate enterprise-grade functionality and features into a single, powerful, and simple to use package. As a result:

  • Employees can make and receive calls, as well as access a wealth of business intelligence (e.g. customer data, calling data, etc.) from anywhere and at anytime. There are no geographic restrictions or limitations, which is critical since work today is not a place: it is an activity.
  • System usage is remarkably simply and user-friendly -- which means a quick intuitive orientation vs. a long and tedious learning curve. It is also a huge win for IT staff, since they do not have to invest resources and time answering help desk tickets or providing system support. Everything is handled by an off-site VoIP Solutions Provider.
  • Productivity measurably increases as employees access powerful features and get more done in less time. This is not just critical to the bottom-line, but directly improves employee engagement, which makes retention easier and reduces costly turnover.

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