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3 Hosted VoIP Call Center Strategies to Maximize Productivity

April 20, 2017

VoIP call center strategiesCall centers are fast-moving, multi-functional environments where optimizing productivity is not just a priority: it is essential for sustainability and profitability.

To ensure that your call center is firing on all cylinders and that agents, reps and all other staff members are meeting – or better yet, exceeding – performance and quality metrics and standards, here are 3 hosted VoIP call center strategies to maximize productivity:

1. Use VoIP to Increase Knowledge Capital

Naturally, each member of your call center team brings different strengths, skills, experiences and insights to the table. For example, some may have a deep background dealing with more technical issues, while others may have extremely high Emotional Intelligence and be well-equipped to deal with particularly sensitive matters -- and especially stressed-out customers!

Hosted VoIP brings all call center team members together on a unified, centralized cloud-based platform – regardless of whether they are located in the same office or building, or spread out across the state, country, or even the world. It is the ideal way to ensure that all available knowledge capital is exploited, and that the capacity of the larger team is indeed greater and more valuable than the sum of its parts.

2. Integration with Other Solutions in the Environment

Another key strategy that boosts call center productivity is to integrate a hosted VoIP phone system with other solutions in the environment. For example, integrating with a CRM such as Salesforce enables agents and reps to immediately capture incoming caller data, such as history, purchases, notes, issues, status, and so on.

What’s more, call center executives can use this information to glean valuable insights on calling patterns and behaviors, which support data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation, best practices, training, and more.

3. Customer-to-Customer Collaboration

One of the most innovative ways that call centers are leveraging hosted VoIP is brokering conference calls between customers, so they can discuss issues, share strategies and synergize.

For example, a call center rep working for a project management software vendor may have a customer looking for advice and insight on implementation. Connecting them with another customer who has successfully navigated a multi-phase implementation is a win for everyone: the customer who gets helped, the customer who gives help (because they added a valuable piece to their network), and of course, the project management software vendor who made it all happen (thanks to the advanced conference calling capacity of their hosted VoIP system!).

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