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Hosted VoIP Call Centers: Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

December 24, 2015

how-hosted-voip-call-centers-give-your-business-a-competitive-advantageA growing number of businesses – including small organizations – are setting up call centers so they can provide faster and more effective customer service. 

However, in order for this move to be sustainable for the long-term, businesses must choose a telecommunications infrastructure that is effective, reliable, affordable, and scales seamlessly to align with changing needs. In light of this, it is not surprising that businesses are choosing hosted VoIP and reaping substantial, ongoing rewards. 

Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why hosted VoIP gives your call centers -- and your business overall -- a competitive advantage: 

5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP Call Centers:

1. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Hosted VoIP call centers offer remarkably low total cost of ownership (TCO), which is primarily due to: 

  • Minimal initial costs (typically just managed routers and certified VoIP phones).
  • A “pay as you grow” model that maps to the number of employees, which means smaller call centers don’t have to purchase more licenses than they need.
  • No ongoing maintenance fees.
  • No software upgrade fees.

While the total amount of savings varies on the size and composition of each specific call center, generally speaking, the VoIP cost savings are at least 50% compared to legacy call centers. This is money that your business can re-allocate to other projects, programs, investments and expenses – and further establish your competitive advantage. 

2. Call Queuing & Handling

Hosted VoIP call centers use advanced VoIP technology that allows calls to be queued within your provider’s cloud network, and routed to a cell center agent when available. As a result, your business can easily and efficiently manage multi-site and remote agents, while customers spend as little time on hold as possible – or better yet, no time at all!

This advantage is not available with traditional legacy call centers, which queue calls at each call center location (within the on-premise PBX), and therefore oblige customers to wait on hold until an agent is available.

3. Scalability & Flexibility

Unlike legacy call centers, hosted VoIP call centers can rapidly, easily and very affordably scale up and down to handle fluctuating call volumes – with no need to change the underlying infrastructure. These flexible VoIP features are particularly beneficial during the holidays or during new product roll-outs when call center inquiries can skyrocket virtually overnight.

4. No Maintenance or Upgrades

As noted above, hosted VoIP call centers are much more cost effective than legacy call centers because there are no added costs for maintenance or upgrades.

Yet there’s another key advantage associated with this benefit: with a hosted VoIP call center, your business (and especially your IT department!) doesn’t have to worry about handling any installs, upgrades or feature updates. Everything is taken care of by your provider’s support and operations teams as part of your SLA.

5. Business Continuity

Last but not least: a hosted VoIP call center features geographically dispersed cloud architecture, which means that calls can be queued in the cloud and re-routed in the event of a local power outage. As such, your customers will not experience any disruption – which is exactly what you want and need.

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