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4 Ways to Save Money Switching to a VoIP Phone System

Andy DeAngelis
November 19, 2015

the-cost-savings-of-switching-to-a-voip-phone-systemHere at Votacall, one of the most common – and indeed the most important – questions we get asked by business owners and decision-makers is about the cost savings of switching to VoIP.

Interestingly, the inquiry is usually not about specific dollar amounts -- since the exact savings will ultimately be based on how much a business is paying (or rather, over-paying!) now for its landlines. Instead, it’s more of a curiosity about the ways in which a VoIP phone system can save them money.

So with that in mind, and in an effort to provide business owners and decision-makers with helpful advice they can use to make informed decisions, we’re sharing the key ways that switching to VoIP leads to dramatic bottom-line cost savings.

4 Cost Saving Reasons to Switch to a VolP Phone System

1. Minimal Investment

Unlike traditional landlines that oblige businesses to purchase costly modules, services, circuit packs and processes, a VoIP phone system requires only a minimal capital investment. In fact, all that’s required to buy are certified VoIP phones and a managed router (one designed for business use rather than personal/home use).  

2. No Long Distance Costs

In today’s marketplace, even businesses that focus on serving customers in their local area often need to connect with suppliers and vendors across the state, country or globe – which leads to long distance costs that can easily exceed $1000/year. However, businesses that switch to VoIP pay absolutely nothing because there are no long distance costs of any kind.  

3. No Maintenance Fees & Low TCO

Traditional landline phone systems tack on maintenance fees that, quite frankly, force businesses to pay extra in order to use the equipment and service that they’re already paying for (and no, that doesn’t make sense, but yes, that’s what they do and have done for decades). However, there are no maintenance fees of any kind with VoIP phone systems.   

4. Reduced Travel Costs

VoIP phone systems are far more versatile than traditional landline systems, and offer enhanced calling features including video conferencing and more. Businesses are using these features to reduce the need for staff travel -- which, of course, reduces travel costs, and, in some cases, even eliminates them entirely.

The Bottom Line

In light of the above, it’s easy to see what’s behind the cost savings of switching to a VoIP phone system. In fact, by far the most common response that our businesses customers have after they make the switch is: “We’re saving thousands of dollars a year. Why didn’t we do this years ago?

To learn how to dramatically reduce your bottom-line -- while getting the quality, versatility and calling features your business needs -- contact us today.

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