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Switching to VoIP? Quality VoIP Hardware Matters

November 20, 2015

why-quality-hardware-matters-when-switching-to-voipIt's happening. Countless business are switching from their traditional landline phone system and embracing a state-of-the-art VoIP business phone system. 79% of American business people are using VoIP according to In-Stat.

For most, the only regret they have is wishing they'd switched sooner. There are plenty of gamechangers to consider: the cost savings are dramatic, the calling features and convenience are tremendous, and the scalability, flexibility and customization make it the right fit for your business.

Yet, some organizations – while not regretting their switch – are nevertheless running into a challenge: the equipment they’re using isn’t designed for robust business needs.

And just like any other network system, security system or HVAC system, the difference between one that is “business ready” and one that's not isn't a matter of degree, it’s fundamental.

If your business is considering switching to VoIP, then keep in mind that using quality hardware – i.e. hardware designed for robust business use -- is critically important. Below, we highlight the high quality hardware that should part of your VoIP phone system:

Choosing the Best VoIP Hardware for Your Business Phone

Certified VoIP Phones 

Certified VoIP phones have been tested and verified to meet rigorous standards for quality, performance and reliability. They’re designed specifically to be used with VoIP phone systems and convert standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted via the Internet. 

Managed Router 

The router you use with your VoIP phone system directly impacts performance and reliability – and as such, it needs to be high quality and designed for business use (i.e. support VoIP transport, session maintenance and remote management). 

Frankly, many routers available today – including those that are advertised for business/commercial use – are not suitable for VoIP phone systems. This is often because they have limited memory, or they “hijack” TFTP signaling, which prevents them from being managed by your VoIP business phone system provider. 

POE Switches  

Though it’s often not mandatory, you may wish to augment your VoIP system with a high quality POE (power over Ethernet) switch, which enables your LAN switching infrastructure to power your certified VoIP phones.

In other words: your phones won’t need an independent power supply, as they’ll be drawing power from the UTP patch lead. This enhancement is arguably less about improving quality than it is about reducing costs and freeing your space of some extra cables and wires.

The Bottom Line

Quality VoIP hardware is critically important when switching to a VoIP Business Phone System if you want your business to reap every available advantage. To learn more, contact the VoIP business phone system experts at Votacall today and discover the premium phone hardware we provide for our clients.

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