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How Aggregated Bandwidth Reduces Choppy VoIP Phone Calls

December 1, 2015

how-aggregated-bandwidth-reduces-choppy-voip-phone-callsWhen implementing a VoIP business phone system, it’s vital to ensure that your employees consistently experience crystal-clear audio with zero jitters or “choppy calls”. And that’s where aggregated bandwidth enters the picture.

What is Aggregated Bandwidth?

Simply put, aggregated bandwidth involves having more than one connection between a computer or server and the Internet, and combining them to accumulate bandwidth. This clears the way for high-priority traffic, while eliminating jitter or choppy calls and improving speed, quality and reliability.  

Improved Speed with Aggregated Bandwidth

Aggregated bandwidth combines connections to maximize speed, as per the following combination examples:

  • 1.5Mbs + 3Mbps = 4.5Mbs
  • 1.5Mbs + 6Mbps = 7.5Mbs
  • 22Mbs + 6Mbps = 28Mbs
  • 2Mbs + 50Mbps = 52Mbs
  • 100Mbs + 50Mbps = 150Mbs

Improved Quality with Aggregated Bandwidth

Aggregated bandwidth greatly improves calling quality thanks to special algorithms, which place application-based rate limits on each access link – ultimately ensuring that VoIP traffic get priority. The result is the elimination of choppy calls, jitter and latency.

Furthermore, by using a bi-directional Quality of Service engine, poor line conditions for either outbound or inbound traffic can be avoided – thus enabling outstanding calling quality.

Improved Reliability with Aggregated Bandwidth

Aggregated bandwidth combines connections from many different carriers, which means that Hosted VoIP uptime is not dependant on a single carrier. As such, if for any reason the VoIP connection fails (i.e. due to local power outage), automatic failover response kicks in and the system remains fully operational and accessible.

Aggregated Bandwidth and Live Redundancy

Some businesses may already have a redundant connection. However, they can also benefit from aggregated bandwidth’s capacity to deliver “live redundancy”. This is when the redundant connection is brought online, which increases reliability while boosting bandwidth.

Differences in Aggregated Bandwidth Systems

The benefits of using aggregated bandwidth as described above are NOT available with most systems. They are exclusively available through Votacall vANA, which stands for Virtual Autonomous Network Aggregation. 

Votacall vANA is the ideal solution for VoIP quality and ultimate redundancy. This patented technology is designed to optimize bandwidth, and clear a path for high priority VoIP traffic – thus eliminating choppy calls, while delivering significant improvements in speed, quality and reliability.

Furthermore, our game changing bi-directional QoS (Quality of Service) engine ensures that all applications – including those that place significant download or upload strain on bandwidth connection – perform at their best across the full network.

To learn more about Votacall vANA – and how you can reap all of these advantages and benefits in your business -- contact Votacall today. We would be pleased to provide you with a demonstration of this remarkable, proprietary technology that is not available from any other VoIP provider! 

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