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What to Look For When Purchasing a Business Phone System

Andy DeAngelis
December 2, 2015

When it comes to choosing the optimal business phone system, it’s vital to look past marketing gimmicks or exaggerated advertising claims, and focus on these 7 critical features:


7 Important Features for Your Business Phone System

1. Investment Protection:

With fierce competition in any industry, businesses can’t afford to fall behind the communications curve. When considering your next business communications solution, approach it with the goal that your next phone system have the underlying technology to be your last phone system.

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2. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

It’s essential that your business phone system provides a low, reasonable and predictable Total Cost of Ownership. After all, it should be an investment – not an expense!  

3. Scalability:

You may need to expand your business in a matter of months – or contract it just as quickly. Your business phone system must be able to scale in either direction and adjust to your changing needs and requirements. A VoIP Phone System should not hinder your business, rather it should promote it.

4. Mobility & Unified Communications:

Your employees are taking care of business on-the-road, on-site with customers, while traveling, and so on. As such, your business phone system must fully support your mobile workforce and give them access to all calling features and functions wherever they are and whenever they’re working.

5. Innovation Roadmap:

With technology constantly changing, your business phone system needs to be prepared for the future. Your provider should be committed to keeping your business ready with the latest innovations in business phone technology. Look for a provider who is doing beta testing for new products and who is staying ahead of the technology curve. This way you can be sure that new features and functionality will always be available to you.

6. Redundancy:

You need to ensure that your business phone system will remain fully operational and accessible in the event of a power outage, severe weather, or natural disaster. What’s more, there must be multiple levels of redundancy built into the business phone system “just in case”.

7. Provider Customer Service:

Your phone system is only as good as the team behind it. From implementation to routine maintenance, make sure your business phone system not only comes with the six points above, but make sure it comes with a great provider.

The Bottom Line

At Votacall, we’re proud that our VoIP business phone systems include ALL of these must-have features. Plus, we’re constantly innovating and creating apps and tools to help our business customers do more for less.

To learn more about our leading-edge business phone systems, contact us today. We’ll help you understand how our solutions can empower your workforce, drive your business, and dramatically lower your bottom line.

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