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How Obi-Wan Kenobi used the Cloud to defeat the Empire

Andy DeAngelis
August 6, 2015


Did you know that Obi-Wan Kenobi was an early adopter of Cloud functionality?

It’s true, in fact without Cloud Functionality there is no Return of the Jedi.

Let me be clear, there is no scene where Obi Wan is on the road and takes a call from Yoda as if he were at his desk. It is much more symbolic, but shows the true power of the Cloud nevertheless.

I will prove my theory using the 4 innate advantage

s of the Cloud.

Cloud Adoption

Lets begin with the death of Obi-Wan.  Obi-Wan, wanting to ditch legacy functionality for the Cloud, taunts Darth Vader by saying that if he strikes him down he will become more powerful.

Really? When I was a kid, this made absolutely no sense to me because he didn't seem more powerful, he actually looked weaker to me.

Boy was I wrong.

This was the moment that Obi-Wan ditched the legacy functionality for the Cloud. 

The 4 Cloud Advantages

Obi-Wan and the rebels were benefiting from the (4) advantages of the Cloud and being the Star Wars geek that I am, I will walk you through this step by step and you will witness the true power of the Cloud.

1. Mobility

That is easy, Obi-Wan just showed up when necessary to advise Luke Skywalker. He didn’t need to hitch a ride with anyone, he could just be where he needed to be, when he needed to be there.

Without the Power to do business (Jedi Business) Anywhere, my childhood would have changed drastically not to mention the fate of millions across the universe.

Think about it, he would never have found Luke near death in the middle of a blizzard on Hoth and therefore would not have been able to advise him to go to the Degobah System to visit Yoda to further his training.

If Luke does not get that message, it is game over...the rebels are out of business and we never get introduced to Yoda which would have been a pop culture tragedy.

2. Business Continuity:

No matter what was happening onsite, Obi-Wan was not affected.

Refer to the blizzard scene on Hoth again, Luke was near death, Ton Ton's were freezing to death (literally) and yet Obi-Wan casually shows up in his cloak unaffected by the conditions, he efficiently gets his message across and moves on to other business.

If Obi-Wan possessed the characteristics of legacy technology, let’s say an on-premise phone system, he would have been an icicle.

3. Investment Protection

Obi-Wan no longer ages in the Cloud and he is always at his best. He does not have to worry about  getting sick which then could bring Obi-Wan down for some time (maybe days).  

This could potentially lead to a Doctors visit which comes with its own set of potential fees for the visit, maybe a prescription not to mention more time spent not working to defeat the Empire.  Wow simple maintenance and downtime can be costly.  

Instead, Obi-Wan just continues to be Obi-Wan. He builds upon his mind, without his physical body getting in the way.  As Jedi Techniques advance, he advances.  What a model!

4. Scalability

Obi-Wan could grow without the need of additional hardware...

okay, so the Scalability Advantage does not apply, but you can see how 3 of the 4 Cloud Phone System Advantages made Obi-Wan more powerful and lead to the overthrow of the Empire.

Without the Cloud, the Empire would have successfully dominated the universe and who knows where we would be today.

May the Cloud be with You.

There is much more to a Cloud Phone System than these 4 advantages, in fact we are only at the beginning.

To get a deeper view on how a Cloud Phone System can benefit you like it did Obi-Wan, take a look at our


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