[Product Update] Chitchat Now Integrates With Office 365 and Gmail

August 21, 2019

Man, are we excited about this one.

If you don't already know, Votacall's VoIP platform comes with chitchat - a built-in speech assistant that allows users to make calls, send messages, and access features - all by using their voice.

Until now, it's helped customers make quicker internal connections. At Votacall, we've been able to do away with company extension lists, scouring our inboxes to find contact info, or just shouting out to one another to ask what a coworkers' number is.

Why add new functionality?

As helpful as chitchat has been to us, there's always room for improvement. We wanted to take the time to learn what was working well, and what needed some tweaking.

When we approached a few customers who were using the feature to get their feedback, we received a common response.

Sure, it made internal communication easier, but it'd be more valuable if it could help to communicate externally too. It could help traveling salespeople when they needed to call clients, or make it easier for employees to connect with vendors who they consistently did business with.

We wanted to take some steps to address that need, and this update was a good place to start.

So what's the update?

Chitchat now integrates with Office 365 and Gmail.

By syncing the Votacall platform with your Office or Gmail account, you can now call all of your business contacts just by saying their name. Use your voice to start conversations with existing and potential clients, proactively follow up on support tickets, and manage vendor relationships. You can also transfer calls outside your organization, as long as the person you're transferring to is in your list of contacts. Simply hit transfer, open chitchat, and say the name of the person you'd like to transfer the call to. It's that simple.

This update also allows chitchat to sync with your Outlook or Gmail calendar, which is handy when you need a meeting reminder, but aren't in a position to scroll through your computer or phone. If you're commuting into work and want a quick rundown of your schedule, chitchat will quickly read off your calendar so you have a sense of your day before getting to your desk.

We're excited to have taken this step towards making on-the-go communication easier, and can't wait to roll this update out and let you try it for yourself.

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