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The Disaster Recovery Features of a Hosted VoIP Phone System

February 29, 2016

the-disaster-recovery-features-of-a-hosted-voip-phone-system.jpgOne does not need to be a “worst case scenario” thinker to realize that being prepared for a telecommunications disaster is both pragmatic and wise.

And by “disaster”, we do not solely refer to natural disasters such as floods, or other catastrophes such as fires. Power outages, circuit outages and PBX failures are common – especially brownouts in certain parts of the country – and can render a business unable to connect to its people or customers. Indeed, even in the 21st century, it is possible for a business in the middle of a world class city like Boston or New York to, basically, “fall off the grid”. 

However, because of its inherent disaster recovery features, businesses that utilize a hosted VoIP phone system are in a much stronger and safer position than their counterparts that use a traditional phone system. Below, we highlight the 5 key reasons why: 

  1. Geographically Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

Unlike traditional phone systems, hosted VoIP is built on a geographically distributed cloud infrastructure. As such, the system will keep working in the event of a local power outage (however caused). This is not the case with traditional phone systems, where a local power outage will take the whole system offline for all customers. 

  1. Failover Response 

During a power outage or because of a malware attack or other threat, an ISP may go down. However, hosted VoIP systems use failover response to switch over to a live, active broadband connection. What’s more, this switch is automatic and instant, and no technical reconfiguration is required. And when the ISP comes back online, the original connection reverts.

  1. Automatic Call Routing

A business with multiple locations may have one office “go dark” due to a power outage (i.e. employees cannot even turn the lights!). With hosted VoIP, it can automatically route all calls to the affected office to one that is still operational. Or, it can quickly create a customized greeting to alert callers of the situation. 

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Simply by installing an app on their smartphone, employees can access all hosted VoIP phone system features anytime and anywhere. While this feature is highly appreciated by employees (and highly profitable for employers) at all times, it is particularly beneficial during a disaster or power outage. Employees simply swap their certified VoIP phones for their smartphone, and continue working. Or, they can transfer calls to their home office or any other phone.

  1. e-911 Service

Last but not least, hosted VoIP features built-in e-911 functionality, which connects callers to police, fire, ambulance or other emergency services personnel. What’s more, e-911 service is fully managed upstream by VoIP solutions providers, and there is no added cost. It is built into the (already very affordable) VoIP license.

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To learn more about the disaster recovery features of hosted VoIP phone systems, contact the team at Votacall today. We will help your business get the saving, versatility, calling features and “just in case” protection you want and need.  

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