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Inclement Weather & Remote Workers Are Reason Enough to Switch to VoIP

October 18, 2012

10/18/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- With winter coming, I decided its about time to discuss how VoIP can provide you with weather and disaster relief. Being a Massachusetts VoIP Provider, we realize the importance of being prepared for inclement weather. In New England and other areas of the United States, there are significant storms that cause telephone lines to collapse under the weight of snow and ice. For most companies, this can be a huge issue. Without phone lines, most companies would lose sales and have dissatisfied customers. However, VoIP has aspects of service that eliminate this problem and allow for telephones to operate under any weather conditions.

Voice Over IP (VoIP), is a telephone system that operates over the internet and eliminates phone lines. Almost every company has internet within their building, meaning they are immediately VoIP compatible. Because it uses the internet to connect you with other phone numbers, VoIP is guaranteed to never crash because of weather or any other disaster. You remember a time in your life when a car struck a telephone pole and the whole neighborhood's land lines went down. Its unfortunately pretty common for such crashes, causing chaos and stress throughout many businesses and homes. These reason encourage you to drop your premise-based PBX system and adopt the new technology of VoIP.

Another issue with being a Boston VoIP Provider, is the weather commuting to and from the office. In New England, many days employees are forced to work from home because the roads are impassible. VoIP allows for Mobility wherever you need to be, whether that's in the office, on the road or at home. For example, Votacall (Our company) offers Fixed Mobile Convergence, a feature that connects the employees office phone number with his cell phone and any other device he deems necessary. This allows employees to work from home when the weather requires just that. It allows them access to their email, voice mail and even their office phone number; guaranteeing they will not miss calls or lose customer sales. This ultimately eliminates lost work days and increases productivity.

I spoke with another customer today who was considering having their whole office start working from home to save money on office rent expenses. She was concerned that their current land line phone system would not be able to switch over to the individual homes. I made a comment about hosted voip and how the flexibility it offers gives companies the ability to have employees work remotely from home. This seems to be a new trend throughout numerous companies because its eliminates travel time and the need for an office. Studies show that remote employees stay more engaged and are more efficient because their are no distractions such as co-workers.

Whether you need VoIP's flexibility for remote employees or to keep productivity high through a rough New England winter, the choice is easy. It offers Mobility, Flexibility and increased production numbers, allowing your company to run smoother while eliminating needless expenses and wasted time. VoIP provides security like no other phone system because it does not require land lines and operates on the reliable networks of internet providers. With Votacall, you can receive many features and services never dreamed of through old premise-based phone systems. Give voip a shot and contact us at Votacall today and see for yourself the benefits we can offer you. I guarantee the positives will push your business to the next level of success and will reduce the amount of stress your whole company deals with by having a realible phone system.



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