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Political Day Makes Us Think About Important Choices,PBX vs IP-PBX?

November 6, 2012

11/6/2012- Votacall VoIP – Boston, Massachusetts- During this hectic election day, people of all lifestyles wonder how their lives will be affected. I am no expert and do not want to get into the political side of things, but I can honestly say there are certain things that will have little to zero impact from the election. One such thing is Hosted VoIP.

Voip is a new Telecom technology that has a bright future with the ever growing industry. No political facet can affect its future, it mainly depends on whether or not the consumers adapt to the new technology. VoIP is competing with and in some cases over taking the old premise-based phone systems. People are beginning to understand that this is the future of communication and can improve business productivity. The industry is expected to grow by tens of billions of dollars by 2016 and could almost triple in size by 2018. These predictions seem to show that hosted voip is here to stay and that more people will begin to adopt it within the near future.

The systems can be very beneficial if the company you choose has a strong platform. The Votacall VoIP Platform has many features and services that range from Call Recording to Fixed Mobile Convergence (have phone connected anywhere on any device), these features allow for you to improve productivity and efficiency while eliminating stress and hassle for your IT department.

Overall, politics does not impact the technology and Telecom sector too much. However, it does affect our life style. The same way that our technological choices affect the way we live. The choice between political parties can be as difficult as the choice between VoIP and premise-based phones (even though political choices are obviously much more important and impactful), so many options and so much information. But in the same way political parties campaign and make promises, i guarantee you will fall in love with your VoIP system from Votacall and realize it was the right choice for your business moving forward. With business you must constantly move forward and stay ahead of the competition, if you do not you then you are in risk of collapsing as a company. Think Big, Go Votacall!

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