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How Successful Recruitment Firms Make the Most of their VoIP System

February 8, 2018

VoIP SystemNew technology is only as effective as long as the person using it understands how to operate it. Recruitment firms understand this better than most other companies. Unfortunately, many businesses have been caught up in upgrading too much too quickly and pay the price of alienating and confusing their own staff. Still by that same token, no business wants to see cutting-edge technology go underutilized. The good news is, when your recruitment firm or staffing agency switches over to a VoIP system, you won’t have to deal with confusing interfaces or difficult installation processes. Instead, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with your VoIP phone system:


Remote Success

A great advantage of a VoIP phone system is its ability to unite your workforce over a large expanse of land. And because many recruitment firms cover a large regional –– or in some cases national –– areas, a VoIP system is perfect to help maintain continuity between branches. So your workers can stay effective no matter where they are! Furthermore, if your company goes through an expansion, or desires to increase their scalability, a VoIP system can assist in that project as well. Getting the most out of your VoIP phones is as easy as downloading an app –– which will allow your employees access to important files and documents at their convenience. 


Optimize Your Staff

One of the more advanced features a Hosted VoIP system can bring to the table relates to call data. With this metric, you can identify the number of calls you receive in a given day, and more importantly, see where those calls are being fielded. In this way, you can determine where you might need to bolster your efforts and where you can cut back. You won’t need to ask your staff to work any harder –– instead you can begin working smarter. Remember that the more you know about your business, the more you can improve how it functions.


Stay Cost-Effective

Not only can a Hosted VoIP improve your connectivity, simplify your business operation, and help you maximize office productivity, but it can also enable you to save money in the process. Traditional landline systems are costly, and adding new phone numbers or paying for calls between your own team members will add up and hurt your bottom line. Even if you don’t take advantage of the many features VoIP systems offer that landlines don’t, switching makes sense from a financial standpoint all the same.


The Bottom Line

The great thing about Hosted VoIP systems is that they’re flexible –– so whatever your recruitment firm or staffing agency might need, VoIP phones are certain to help you achieve your goals. Contact the Votacall team today and take the first step toward greater connectivity and scalability. And for more information on determining which VoIP vendor you should go into business with, download our free eBook today. You'll see that not all VoIP vendors were created equal!

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