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Why Should You Connect Salesforce with Hosted VoIP?

August 27, 2018

salesforce with voipInnovation for innovation’s sake won’t help your business grow and expand. Indeed, not every tech upgrade delivers on everything it promises to, and there’s nothing worse than shelling out big bucks on a new system or program that doesn’t deliver. Conversely, the best tech investments are the ones that provide new features and capabilities over time. You can consider a Salesforce VoIP integration, then, to be the natural progression of what a modern phone system should offer. Not convinced your business needs to connect your Salesforce CMS with your Hosted VoIP system? Here are four compelling reasons why you should integrate the two:

Data and Analytics Collection

Both your CMS and your Hosted VoIP system will provide you with separate metrics and analytics related to your customers’ behavior. However, when you bring the two together, your team will get a much fuller picture of how your customers interact with your business –– both online and over the phone. Why force your employees to use two incomplete sets of data when you can create a comprehensive, closed-loop analytics system with a simple integration?

Streamlined Internal Processes

Modern consumers don’t want to be put on hold, and they don’t have the patience to wait on the line while your team sorts through their information. Fortunately, a VoIP-Salesforce integration makes it easier for your team members to access pertinent customer data quickly and address questions or concerns in an efficient manner. Rather than struggling with inadequate tech, your team can focus completely on providing top-notch customer service.

Improved Performance Management

The more managers and business owners know about their customers’ habits and the type of interactions they have with employees, the better they can strategize to improve performance. With a VoIP-Salesforce integration, managers get access to all aspects of a company’s day-to-day operations –– from long-term data trends to individual phone-call recordings. In short, it’s never been easier to determine what works within your system –– and what doesn’t. Thanks to VoIP and Salesforce, you can calculate ROI and review employee performance with ease.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest reasons to connect your VoIP system with a CMS like Salesforce is just how easy the integration is. Business owners can relax because their team won’t have to spend hours devoted to training; instead, their team can hit the ground running with more advantages than they enjoyed before. Regardless of what your business does, it’s a piece of cake to bring VoIP and Salesforce together. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re already using both a Salesforce CMS and Hosted VoIP system, but you haven’t integrated them yet –– don’t wait another minute. Integrate them today! You’re only hurting your team by putting it off! On the other hand, if you don’t currently use a Hosted VoIP system at your office, note that you can always make the switch. Contact the Votacall team when you’re ready to get access to the most flexible, advanced, and dynamic phone technology on the market. Plus, to see for yourself how VoIP delivers ROI for businesses, make sure to check out our free eBook here

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