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10 Reasons Why Businesses Are Shifting to Hosted VoIP

August 5, 2016

Hosted VoIPAs noted by the broadband industry association USTelecom, an overwhelming number of consumers and businesses have already dropped traditional landline phone service, and made the switch to hosted VoIP.

Below, we highlight the 10 key reasons why this trend is only going to accelerate in the years ahead – and the questions ceases to be “should we switch to hosted VoIP?” to “how can we be successful and grow if we don’t switch to VoIP?”

1. Major cost savings on ALL levels, including startup and ongoing costs 

While every business is unique, savings of 50 percent with hosted VoIP vs. landline is not uncommon. What’s more, these are not one-time savings. They are ongoing, and keeping adding up year after year.

2. Flexible installation options 

With hosted VoIP, businesses can customize their installment plan based on their unique needs and budget framework. 

3. Fast, simple implementation

Unlike traditional landline phone systems, hosted VoIP implements rapidly and easily. That means no downtime/disruption to staff or customers.

4. Multiple cost models and options 

Instead of accepting a one-size-fits-all package or being subjected to numerous additional costs for everything from installation to vague “professional services”, businesses that switch to hosted VoIP can choose from multiple cost options and models -- starting from as few as five end users, to well over 1000.

5. Outstanding quality 

In many cases, the calling quality of a VoIP phone system is superior to traditional landlines, which still essentially use copper wire “technology” from the 1900s. Today’s state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems used managed routers and blazingly fast broadband to deliver high-definition audio and video.

6. Multiple levels of redundancy 

During a power outage, traditional landline phone systems can go down for minutes, hours or even days. However, hosted VoIP uses multiple levels of redundancy – including geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure – so that even during a local power outage caused by natural disaster, downed power lines, or any other issue, calls can still be made and received as per normal.

7. Seamless scalability

The only constant in business is change, and that means next year’s staff roster could be twice – or half – as large. With hosted VoIP, business simply purchase as few or as many licenses as they need. Other than a managed router and certified VoIP phones, there’s no hardware to purchase and no on-site equipment to manage or maintain. 

8. No IT Burden

IT staff are already overwhelmed with tasks and priorities -- and the last thing that they need is to deal with phone system-related support tickets and installation issues. Fortunately, with hosted VoIP, they won’t have to. There’s zero IT burden, since everything from problem solving, to installations, to staff training, to upgrades and more are all handled by the VoIP Solutions Provider.

9. Ongoing Innovation

Landline phone companies reserve their latest innovations for new customers (i.e. it’s an incentive to get them on board). This is completely unfair! It’s also something that categorically doesn’t happen with hosted VoIP. All customers benefit from ongoing innovation and the latest features and upgrades.

10. Advanced Features

Last but certainly not least: hosted VoIP delivers a set of advanced features that are either very costly with a traditional landline system, or in some cases aren’t available at all – like voicemail to text, video conferencing, direct-in-dial, one-number service, and so on.

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