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11 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Save Your Business Money

December 4, 2015

While VoIP phone systems deliver several valuable benefits vs. traditional land line systems, the most important for businesses of all sizes -- from aspiring start-ups to established enterprises -- are cost advantages.

Obviously, the bottom line is a critical piece of every business relationship and it is especially important (in terms of what you may be missing) with your business communication.

Below, we highlight the 11 key ways that Hosted VoIP systems save your business money and become the best investment for your organization.

11 Ways to Save Big Money for Your Business with VoIP Phone Systems

Reason #1: Minimal Capital Investment

With VoIP phone systems, there are no modules, servers, circuit packs or processors to buy. Furthermore, the required hardware needed to power VoIP phone systems costs less than 50% of traditional systems.

Reason #2: No Local & Long Distance Fees

More often than not, Business VoIP phone service includes minutes, meaning there will be no additional charges associated with local and long distance usage.  Gone are the days of trying to determine what your per minute charges are - with VoIP you get a complete package that is simple in presentation yet robust in feature set. 

Reason #3: No Additional Fees for Technical Support

A true business-class Hosted VoIP phone system will include 24x7 technical support as part of the monthly service, no ifs, ands or buts. There shouldn’t be fees associated with remote technical support, troubleshooting or product education.  If a customer has questions, they get the answers as part of the agreement with no monthly maintenance and support fees. Everything is included.

Reason #4: No Need for Monthly Maintenance Contracts

The traditional concern of protecting the investment made in a Business Phone System with a costly maintenance contract is a thing of the past. With a Cloud-based VoIP Phone System, the main components driving the solution reside in a fully redundant data center (making it your VoIP Provider’s problem to maintain). As for the hardware that sits in your office such as VoIP Phones or a VoIP Managed Router, they should be covered as part of the Business VoIP Service. There’s another monthly fee down!  

Reason #5: Cost Certainty

VoIP phone systems provide businesses with cost certainty - they know exactly how much they’ll be paying each month. This allows for more predictable budget planning and better cash flow management.

Reason #6: Upgrades Included

VoIP phone systems include all upgrades. There are no additional fees of any kind to get the latest release of the product. When a new feature is released, the functionality is pushed down to the end-users at no additional charge.

Reason #7: Easy Scalability

VoIP phone systems don’t force businesses to anticipate how many employees they’ll have years down the road. Rather, they can scale the system up or down based on whether they expand or contract. No more ripping out the old system and replacing it due to growth. VoIP phone systems can start at 5 employees and grow to 5,000 with ease!

Reason #8: Flexible and Portable

VoIP phone systems are inherently flexible and portable. Businesses that relocate don’t have to worry about costly moving fees or downtime disruptions.

Reason #9: Support Distributed Teams

VoIP phone systems allow businesses to support distributed teams and remote workers. This model is often far more effective and efficient than having all staff co-located on-site. 

Reason #10: Improved Productivity

VoIP phone systems are very convenient, and allow employees to communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues from anywhere at anytime. This drives productivity, which means that businesses get more value and output from of their workforce – at a lower cost.

Reason #11: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Downtime is costly and a surefire business killer. Hosted VoIP phone systems are “always on” in the cloud which eliminates any downtime and ensures continued productivity even if inclement weather or natural disasters force you to relocate on the fly.  

The Bottom Line

When they were introduced several years ago, many businesses took a “wait and see” approach with VoIP phone systems, because they weren’t sure if they were truly business-ready.

Well, the verdict is in and it’s unanimous: VoIP systems aren’t just business-ready, but in the handful of years (if not sooner), they will be the standard! And while this is happening, traditional landlines will continue to be antiquated as a result of limited access and rising costs.

To help your business reap the clear and compelling cost advantages of VoIP phone systems, contact us today.

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