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How Business VoIP Phones Help Manage Call Center Efficiency

December 7, 2015

how-business-voip-phones-help-manage-call-center-efficiencyIn the past, call centers were something that only large enterprises could afford to run.

However, on today’s technology-driven business landscape, even small businesses are launching dynamic call centers so they can effectively serve and interact with their current and future customers.

Nevertheless, a major concern for all businesses is, of course, efficiency. Indeed, enhancing customer service and even boosting sales via a call center isn’t worthwhile if the costs are excessive -- or prohibitive. Fortunately, that’s where a hosted VoIP phone system makes a game changing difference. Consider these important ways that VoIP phone systems can help with your call center efficiency.

5 Key Ways Business VoIP Phone Systems Drive Call Center Efficiency: 

  • Cost Efficiency 

A VoIP phone system only requires minimal up front costs that are typically 50 percent or less than a traditional phone system. What’s more, there are no maintenance fees and network costs, which ensures ongoing low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

  • Call Queuing and Handling Efficiency 

A VoIP phone system enables businesses to queue calls within their provider’s cloud network – rather than their customer’s location within the PBX -- and ultimately route calls to an agent when one is available, regardless of their physical location. The result is a dramatic improvement in call queuing and handling efficiency. 

  • Efficient Scaling 

Call center volumes can spike and ebb based on seasonal factors, during campaigns and sales, as a result of new product launches, and so on. A VoIP phone system enables businesses to efficiently and rapidly scale either up or down, but without interrupting their workflows or having to change their infrastructure. 

  • Expansion Efficiency 

A VoIP phone system allows businesses to provide their call center agents with complete access to the system regardless of where they’re physically located. As a result, they can efficiently expand their call centers across the state, country or globe. 

  • Efficient Integration 

A VoIP phone system allows businesses to deliver PBX and automated call distribution functionality, yet at the same time, achieve seamless integration with unified communication (UC) services. As a result, call center agents can efficiently and easily transition between various environments (call center, remote location, home office, etc.), while delivering a consistent and positive customer experience. 

The Bottom Line

At Votacall, we’re proud to be a leading provider of efficient VoIP hosted call center solutions that empower our customers to save money and time, while increasing productivity and competitive advantage. 

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your no obligation consultation.

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