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7 Questions To Ask When Evaluating a Hosted VoIP Provider

December 8, 2015

7-questions-to-ask-when-evaluating-a-hosted-voip-providerWhile switching from a landline phone system to a Hosted VoIP phone system is a very smart business decision, make no mistake: not all VoIP providers are created equal! 

Same as any other sector and industry, a small number of VoIP providers are elite and adhere to world-class standards, most are average (not really good at anything in particularly, but not really bad either), and unfortunately, more than a few should be avoided at all costs. 

To help ensure that your investment is successful and high expectations are met – or better yet, exceeded -- let's review the key questions to ask when evaluating a Hosted VoIP provider: 

7 Questions to Ask Your Hosted VoIP Provider:

1. Do you have the capacity we need? 

VoIP is a sophisticated technology driven by a comprehensive back-end infrastructure. Your hosted VoIP provider must have the capacity to provide your business with unwavering quality and support – and not just now, but well into the future as your business changes and evolves. 

2. Do you have the experience we need? 

Ensure that you partner with a VoIP provider that has in-depth experience in every aspect, including installation, implementation, training, support, emergency response, upgrades, and so on. As with any sophisticated business system, there is no substitute for experience.

3. Do you offer a full range of calling features?

One of the key advantages of VoIP vs. traditional landlines is the wide array of calling features, including (but not limited to) video conferencing, one number service, call forwarding, voice-to-text, and the list goes on. Ensure that you choose a hosted VoIP provider that offers you ALL features, rather than a limited set.  

4. Will your system grow as we do?

Scalability is a critical factor when evaluating a VoIP provider. You want to confirm that adding lines, extensions and phones can be done swiftly and easily. If this isn’t the case, then keep searching for a better provider!

5. Will you guarantee reliability and calling quality?

When it comes to reliability, you want to set the bar extremely high – and refuse to compromise. Every VoIP provider on your short-list should explicitly offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is based both on the high quality of the equipment (e.g. managed router, certified VoIP phones), and on multiple levels of redundancy that will keep the system operational in the event of power outage, severe weather or even natural disaster. 

6. Will you provide us with ongoing support? 

Elite VoIP providers pride themselves on offering outstanding after-sales support and have a team of in-house experts who are ready to answer questions, provide strategic guidance and fix any issues that may arise. 

7. Will you support us with ongoing innovation? 

VoIP technology is constantly evolving. Your hosted VoIP provider should commit to providing you with apps and enhancements that reflect this innovation and help you get even more value out of your system. 

The Bottom Line

At Votacall, we’re proud to say that our answer to each of these questions is a definitive YES

And that’s why businesses that have thoroughly conducted their research and due diligence choose us time and time again. Our customers have very high expectations, but what we expect of ourselves is even higher. That’s a big reason why we’ve continued to grow year after year, while many other VoIP providers have come and gone. 

To learn more about the Votacall advantage, contact us today and schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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