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3 Ways to Enhance Customer Communication with Hosted VoIP

March 14, 2016

3-ways-to-enhance-customer-communication-with-hosted-voip.jpgThe most profitable and successful businesses communicate effectively with customers – but that is only part of what makes them exceptional. 

They also enhance communication with customers by implementing tools and technologies that add value and make a positive, lasting impression. In this way, they are not just informing customers, but they are influencing them in a manner that deepens and strengthens the relationship. This is particularly valuable if (or more likely, when) problems or misunderstandings arise down the road.

In light of the above, it is not surprising that a growing number of businesses – including some leading firms that have elevated customer communication to a whole new level – have made the switch from a traditional phone system to hosted VoIP.

Below, we highlight 3 key benefits they – and their customers -- are enjoying on a daily basis:

  1. Limit or Eliminate Time on Hold 

Though customers tolerate being placed on hold, they are typically not willing to wait for more than a minute. What’s more, they do not care whether a business believes “that their call is important”. To them, their importance (or lack thereof) is verified by hearing a live voice on the other end of the line – not a recording.

Hosted VoIP enhances communication by limiting or eliminating the need to put customers on hold. Calls are automatically routed to an available employee regardless of where they are located (e.g. remote office, home office, etc.), rather than being lined up like airplanes waiting to land on a crowded runway.

  1. One-Number Service and Direct-in-Dial (DiD)

Though they are separate hosted VoIP features, both one-number service and direct-in-dial (DiD) work together to provide customers with an enhanced level of convenience, control and connectivity.

With one-number service, employees provide customers with a single phone number vs. multiple phone numbers (office, home office, cell, etc.). Whenever customers dial the number, their call is automatically routed to wherever the employee happens to be, and whatever phone or device they are using – including their personal smartphone.

With direct-in-dial (DiD), businesses can make it simple and easy for customers to directly call employees, teams or departments, without having to call a main switchboard. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that have multiple buildings in a single location (i.e. campus environment), and want to connect everyone without being forced to lay costly cables.

  1. Voicemail-to-Email and Voicemail-to-Text

One of the reasons that customers leave (increasingly frustrated) voicemails, is because they do not appreciate having to wait until the next business days – or sometimes longer – for their voicemail to be picked up and returned. However, this is the reality of traditional phone systems.

However, hosted VoIP phone systems can be configured to automatically convert voicemails into emails and/or text messages, which are then routed to the designated employee – regardless of where they are in the world. As such, employees can conveniently and quickly pick up their voicemails throughout the day (e.g. in between meetings), and respond accordingly. This is a clear win for customers, and possibly even a bigger one for employees – especially those in sales roles.

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