4 Key Benefits to a Professional Voice Recognition System

October 15, 2018

voice recognition systemPeople use voice recognition technology constantly, even if they don’t realize it. Any time you ask Siri, Alexa, or Google for directions or to play music from your favorite artist, you’re using voice recognition technology. Indeed, it’s easy to see the amazing capabilities voice recognition brings to our personal lives. But what about the potential to use a voice recognition system in a professional capacity? Up until now, few businesses have utilized this cutting-edge tech to improve productivity, but thanks to chitchat, a new development from Votacall, you too can harness the power of a voice recognition system at your workplace. Want to know more? Then here are four benefits chitchat brings to the table:

A Personal Assistant for Everyone

Our answer to Siri and Alexa –– Sandy –– is ready to help every member of your team with any request they might have. Sandy responds to a myriad of orders and can quickly access any piece of data within your system. Need to pull up a file on a current customer? Or get in touch with a colleague at a moment’s notice? Just ask Sandy and she’ll take care of the rest!

Improved Speed and Productivity

Naturally, if employees no longer have to spend time hunting for intel within your CRM or data system, they’ll have more time to focus on solving internal issues. Chitchat works to ensure all of your team members are on the same page, and have the ability to react to problems as they arise. Plus, you can cut down on hold times and address customer concerns with greater efficiency than ever before thanks to chitchat’s fast-action features.  

Hands-Free Control –– Everywhere

In the past, when a professional left the office on a business trip, they were effectively cut off from the rest of their team members. Fortunately, chitchat enables employees to have all of their important calls forwarded to their cell phone with a simple voice command. What’s more, Sandy will travel with you no matter where you go. So if you have to send an important email while on your way to the airport, you can dictate that message to her and she’ll handle the rest!

Total Integration

Unlike other speech recognition systems, chitchat was designed to integrate smoothly within your current tech setup. This means you can access more information, reach out to more contacts, and move from project to project seamlessly. Voice recognition technology already makes our personal lives easier, and it can do the same for busy professionals in every field.

Final Thoughts

Many business owners are still reticent to try out new tools around the office. The “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” mindset still hampers many companies. However, no team can reach its full potential without access to the best equipment on the market. At Votacall, we strive not only to provide that equipment, but also to add our support whenever our clients need it. We pride ourselves on customer service and our IT team will work to answer your questions and solve your problems in a timely, professional manner. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself. Or, download our free eBook and find out why not all telecommunications partners are created equal: Debunking Hosted VoIP Myths eBook download

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