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4 Reasons to Consider On-Site VoIP Implementation

January 6, 2016

4-reasons-to-consider-on-site-voip-implementationSwitching from a conventional landline phone system to a leading-edge hosted VoIP system is not just smart, but within a few years, it will be the default standard. 

Indeed, just as there was a time when some businesses did not have a website (as hard to believe as that is!), we are not far from the day when business of all sizes – especially smaller ones – won't ask, “What are the advantages and benefits of switching to VoIP?”, but rather, “Why on earth would any business even consider using a conventional landline system anymore?” 

Future-Proofing Your Business with Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

For now, however, businesses that are ahead of the curve are definitely reaping the rewards – and we know this, because our customers are delighted with the money they are saving, the value they are getting, and the improvements they are seeing in productivity, performance and customer service. 

And of course (it should go without saying!) we use VoIP right here at Votacall, and our operation is highly efficient and constantly growing. In particular, the seamless scalability of VoIP helps us onboard new team members and connect them with colleagues and customers – anytime and anywhere. 

However, while the advantages of VoIP are established and frankly unarguable, it is important to note that on-site VoIP implementation beats being mailed hardware. Here are the 4 key reasons why: 

Why On-Site VoIP Implementation Beats Being Mailed Hardware

1. Performance 

VoIP phone systems are remarkably easy to use, and there is virtually no learning curve. However, the technology that drives the system and makes it so superior is very sophisticated. On-site implementation ensures that this technology is optimized for top performance. 

2. Testing 

At Votacall, we conduct several pre-implementation tests to ensure that our customers’ environments are optimized for VoIP. However, testing must also be conducted during implementation to make sure that speed and quality are at appropriate levels. 

3. Orientation 

As mentioned, hosted PBX systems are very easy to operate and manage. However, it is important and valuable for employees to be introduced to the system, and given an overview of the features and how they can use them. This orientation can be conveniently and effectively provided during on-site implementation. 

4. Efficiency 

Businesses that expect to save money by getting hardware in the mail, often find that they end up wasting hours of time on the phone with technicians as they troubleshoot problems. On-site implementation ensures that this is not an issue. 

Learn More 

To learn more about the advantages of on-site VoIP implementation vs. being mailed hardware, contact Votacall today. Our in-house team of experts will be pleased to answer your questions. As always, there is no charge for your consultation, and there is never any obligation or risk.

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