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4 Ways Unified Communications Affects Your Bottom Line

August 7, 2014


Even though everyone seems to have multiple contact methods available, this only seems to make it harder to get in touch with people! Should you call their office phone, cell phone, instant message them, jump on a video conference or send a fax? Having too many possibilities for communication hurts your productivity and can frustrate your customers. Unified Communications (UC) gives you a single point of contact by integrating all of your various communication methods. Here are 4 ways Unified Communications affects your bottom line:

  1. Improve Collaboration Among Team Members

It’s rare to find a business where all of the employees sit at their desks all day long. Today’s business owners, managers, and staff members are often on the go attending meetings or conferences. Unified Communications will make sure your team members always have a way to contact each other and without wasting a ton of time trying to track someone down. Your employee salaries are probably one of your most expensive operating costs, so if you can improve their productivity and efficiency – you should see a major improvement in your bottom line.

  1. Work from Anywhere and on Any Device

UC is the key ingredient for conducting meetings or taking calls from team members and customers from hotel rooms, the bus, or even the coffee shop. You can pretty much work from anywhere and on any device with access to the internet. Not only does this improve your communication and collaboration with clients and employees, but you can grow your business without the need for more physical space - by adding remote employees. Working from home is a benefit many employees enjoy, which encourages loyalty and employee retention.

Unified Communications makes it possible to use video, screen sharing, and voice communications all at once to keep employees in the loop for every project you’re working on – even if you’re not in the same physical location. Your employees can use their own mobile devices, further decreasing your business expenses and improving productivity of the team.

  1. Reduce Travel with Better Communications Tools

If you’re spending a lot of money traveling around the country or world for meetings, you will find UC tools allow for virtual meetings that can save you travel dollars. With screen sharing and video conferencing, you can easily hold meetings with people regardless of their location and without shelling out money for travel expenses. This will greatly reduce your overhead expenses for travel, improve efficiency while employees attend meetings from their office or home, and eliminate the wasted time spent on the plane, train or automobile!

  1. Make Your Customers Happy

The most important way Unified Communications can improve your bottom line is through your ability to make your customers happy. Happy customers equal loyal customers. Retaining existing customers is a lot less expensive than marketing to gain new people to sell your products or services – so keep your customers happy with UC. Your customers have a choice for contacting you by email, phone, instant messaging, or any other communications channel you set up. When your customers can choose, their satisfaction increases and satisfied customers will translate directly to higher revenue and a good reputation.


Want to see how Unified Communications can affect your bottom line? Give us a call for a free consultation, and we’ll demonstrate the cost savings for your specific organization.

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