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Can I Easily Add New Employees to My VoIP Phone System?

December 21, 2015

can-i-easily-add-new-employees-to-my-voip-phone-systemHere at Votacall, when we describe the game-changing flexibility of a VoIP phone system compared to a traditional landline system, a question that customers often ask is: “Can I easily add new employees to my VoIP phone system?

The answer to this question is a definitive YES – it’s extremely easy to add new employees, or conversely, to remove employees if they contract or scale down.

However, simply saying that it’s easy to add and remove employees is not telling the full story – because a VoIP phone system offers many layers of scalability and flexibility.

Below, we highlight 3 of the most valuable benefits:

3 Ways Business VoIP Makes it Easy to Scale Your Business

1. Easily add extensions 

In addition to easily adding new employees, you can simply add extensions to facilitate employee-to-employee communication. 

For example: Let’s say that you have 10 employees in one location and 10 in another. Instead of having them phone each other through a traditional 7 or 10-digit number, you can simply log into your VoIP phone system’s web interface and assign all 20 employees their own 3-digit extension. Then, whenever they wish to connect with each other, they simply dial the extension. 

It’s fast, simple, and remarkably cost effective compared to landline technology – where additional lines and extensions can easily cost $50-$100/month or more if certain business features are added. 

2. Easily move phones to new locations

Traditional landline systems use wires that plug into a wall. As such, moving phones to new locations involves cancelling and then initializing (or sometimes installing) new lines. Anyone who has experienced a residential move knows how inconvenient this is! 

However, VoIP technology transmits digital voice packets over the Internet – which means there are no wires at all. As such, moving phones to new locations is truly as simple as it sounds. Having anywhere mobility can make a huge difference for your employees. Plus, you'll never have to worry about service calls to schedule, technicians to wait for or the added costs that come with it all. 

3. Easily add devices

Road warriors and BYOD users often have multiple devices that they use to connect with colleagues and customers. This is a major hassle, and can reduce productivity and customer service. 

However, a VoIP phone system features a one-number service that routes all calls to a cell phone, smartphone or even landline. And, just as importantly: there is no cost at all, and it can be setup or modified in a matter of seconds via web interface. 

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, the answer to, “Can I easily add new employees to my VoIP phone system?” is YES! Plus, you can do much more. It’s a level of versatility that landline phone systems categorically cannot offer, and it’s a huge reason why businesses that have switched to Business VoIP Phone Systems have never looked back! 

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of a VoIP phone system for your business, contact us today.

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