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How to Keep Your Existing Phones When Setting up a Hosted VoIP System

December 22, 2015

how-to-keep-your-existing-phones-when-setting-up-a-hosted-voip-systemIf you’ve recently made an investment in your landline phone system – or you simply want to try and keep your costs as low as possible when switching to hosted VoIP – you may be wondering:

Can I keep my existing phones when setting up a new VoIP phone system?

The simple answer to this important question is: yes, you can. The Votacall leading-edge hosted PBX system can work with your existing wired, cordless and mobile phones and ensure that your employees get the entire range of VoIP calling features as well. This is particularly beneficial if your employees are often on the road and access to broadband internet connection is either inconvenient or costly. 

The Premium, Certified VoIP Hardware Difference:

However, for an optimal calling experience – including reliability and sound quality -- we recommend that you use our certified VoIP phones, which are very affordable and built to last. Currently, we offer models from two of the world’s top certified VoIP phone manufacturers: Polycom and Snom. While each model has unique advantages, they’re all designed to deliver crisp, clear, uninterrupted calling – without compromise. 

In fact, given how much “noise” there is with most mobile phones, and the fact that landlines use old fashioned analog technology, once you hear the difference with a certified VoIP phone you won’t believe your ears – and you won’t want to use anything else! 

Benefits of Votacall's Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Whether you choose to use your existing phones or our certified VoIP phones, be assured that you’ll benefit from the acclaimed and award-winning Votacall hosted VoIP system, which: 

  • Is geographically redundant, ensuring business continuity in the event of local power outage, severe weather or even natural disaster.
  • Enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively scale from 1 location and 5 phones, to hundreds of locations and thousands of phones.
  • Features full integration with Microsoft Exchange and OCS so voicemail, email and calendaring can all be accessed from any phone, anywhere in the world.
  • Lets you take your phone numbers with you as you expand and open new locations – even across state lines, or to other countries. 

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Whether you keep your existing phones or upgrade your system, the decision to switch from a landline phone system to a VoIP system presents many advantages that are dramatic, measurable and game changing. 

However, the transition to VoIP doesn’t need to be confusing or challenging at all. At Votacall, our experts will work closely with you to develop a plan that makes the best use of your existing assets and infrastructure, while enables you to reap all of the rewards and advantages that a VoIP business phone system has to offer. 

If your experience is like our other customers -- and we’re certain it will be -- your only regret will be that you didn’t make the switch to Votacall and Hosted VoIP sooner! Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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