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How VoIP Phones Improve Business Productivity

December 18, 2015

how-voip-phones-improve-business-productivityWhile the cost advantages of switching from a landline phone system to a business VoIP phone system are extremely attractive, the business productivity benefits are just as impressive.

From office productivity to sales strategy, a business VoIP phone system can make a big difference right out of the gate.

Below, we share a handful of ways you can create more efficiencies and improve productivity within your workforce by joining the thousands of companies that are taking advantage of cloud phone systems.

5 ways that a VoIP phone system can improve productivity:

1. Enhanced Features

VoIP phone systems offer a full range of enhanced phone features that can dramatically improve productivity and drive efficiency. These features include: instant messaging, video conferencing, voicemail to text, desktop sharing, calendaring, interactive voice response (IVR), call forwarding, and one number service. These are all in addition to basic features, such as call waiting, voicemail, call display, and so on.

2. No Busy Signals

By using a private branch exchange (PBX) with their VoIP phone system, businesses can ensure that their customers, partners, vendors, or any other callers never hear a busy signal – since the call will always be routed to an available team member. This is particularly important for businesses that operate call centers where busy signals can quickly lead to lost customers, sales and profits.

3. Unlimited Extensions

Adding additional line extensions to a landline system is tedious, time consuming and costly – especially for businesses that aren’t located in urban centers, and are therefore using telephony infrastructure that was built decades ago. However, with a VoIP phone system, businesses can quickly, easily and very affordably add line extensions as necessary – which is ideal for boosting productivity. They can also remove them just as simply based on changing needs.

4. Total Mobility

A VoIP system delivers total mobility, so that team members can stay connected wherever they are, and wherever they’re working. This directly supports optimized productivity, and is also highly appreciated by team members who can get more done in less time while on-site with a customer, from their home office, and so on.

5. Business Continuity

VoIP phone systems feature multiple levels of redundancy, so that teams can stay productive in the event of a local power outage due to severe weather, power company problems, or even natural disaster.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, VoIP phone systems are designed to improve business productivity and enable businesses to do more with less. And in today’s highly competitive business landscape, being efficient, minimizing costs, and maximizing performance and results isn’t just important - it’s essential for ongoing success and long-term survival.

To learn more about the substantial productivity advantages of a VoIP phone system, and how easy and fast it is to make the switch from your current landline system, contact the experts at Votacall today.

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