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How Hosted VoIP Saves Money on Hardware & Software Upgrades

December 17, 2015

how-hosted-voip-saves-money-on-hardware-software-upgradesWhen compared to traditional landline phone systems, both hosted VoIP and on-premises VoIP systems deliver substantial cost savings that, for some businesses, can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars per year. What’s more, VoIP phone systems offer a wide array of advanced calling features that help employees stay connected and productive – whether they’re located in-house or remotely.

However, while both types of VoIP systems – hosted PBX and on-premise PBX – deliver attractively low total cost of ownership (TCO), the former provides even more cost savings.

6 Ways Hosted VoIP Provides Big Business Savings:

1. Lower Initial Investment

With a hosted VoIP system, there is no PBX (hardware) to buy or set-up costs to cover. Everything is maintained off-site by the provider. 

2. No Maintenance Costs 

There are no maintenance costs with hosted VoIP system. Of course, maintenance still takes place on an ongoing basis, but it is handled (and paid for) entirely by the provider. 

3. No Upgrade Costs

VoIP software is constantly being improved and enhanced. With a hosted VoIP system, all of these upgrades and patches are included in the SLA and there is no separate fee. What’s more, businesses don’t have to request these upgrades, as they are handled automatically when available. 

4. No New Feature Costs 

All new features are installed by the hosted VoIP system provider. Businesses don’t have to handle this task themselves or pay an expert to do it for them. 

5. No Data Backup Costs 

The valuable data captured and stored in hosted VoIP systems (e.g. customer contact data) are automatically backed-up to secure servers. As such, businesses do not have to spend additional money or time performing data backups.

6. Multiple Level of Redundancy 

Hosted VoIP systems are automatically protected by multiple levels of redundancy, including network aggregation and geographically diverse cloud infrastructure.

The Bottom Line

A VoIP hosted phone system requires virtually no initial cost (other than a managed router and certified VoIP phones). And the only ongoing costs are affordable licenses that are based on actual users – and therefore can be increased or decreased accordingly as a business scales.

At the same time, a hosted VoIP system delivers ease-of-use and peace of mind, since as noted above, multiple levels of redundancy are standard as are automatic data backups.

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