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Cisco Systems Stock Jump: Investors Gain Confidence Through Increase in Revenue Generated by Unified Communications and Hosted VoIP

August 16, 2012

8/16/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- Cisco Systems, the Network-Communication-Tech Giant, made a stock recovery today and helped the Technology sector gain ground. They had recently been losing stock value this year after a poor quarter earnings report back in May, 2012. Therefore, it was good earnings that prompted a 8% stock jump as investors gained confidence in Cisco after they reported a 56% increase in its Quarter 4 earnings. In addition, they tried to sway investors to buy their stock by announcing a quarterly dividend payment of 75%, to 14 cents a share. This stock jump helped them recover from the last poor quarter, but the company is being honest with its investors. They stated that the company is being cautious with spending because the corporate customers remain guarded about their spending plans. These corporate customers are very significant to Cisco Systems, they sell them Unified Communications and are trying to force their hand in buying the new Cloud technology of Hosted Voice Over IP, more commonly known as Hosted VoIP. Companies are hesitant because its a new idea and change scares some people. But the reality is this, companies have less money to spend in this tough and recovering economy. Since this is the case, there is no reason for Cisco customers not to switch to VoIP because it is cheaper and provides far better services that allow for higher productivity and increased efficiency. Cisco has large corporations as customers and has recently been able to generate revenue via this, they also have started to focus on SMB because the Cloud does not require a specific size customer. This allows for Cisco to have more customers than usual and inevitably increase revenue which directly affects their stock price. It seems all my blogs have a similar trend and idea, that Cloud Communications has a positive affect on everything it touches, whether its the customers, the provider, the economy or communication efficiency in general. Since this is the case, I encourage more people to adopt the Cloud and Hosted VoIP, to see for themselves the amazing experience it offers.

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