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The Past Decade Has Seen Dramatic Change in the Internet (Too many to list) and Communications (The move to Hosted VoIP)

August 15, 2012

8/15/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- Over the past decade, the Internet and communication have changed dramatically. I recently saw an image I will attach below that blew my mind. The age of Internet Explorer and Friendster are over and Google, Apple and Facebook have taken over. There is no more Blockbuster because Netflix decided to incorporate the newest technology into the industry; ultimately causing Blockbuster to file for bankruptcy. The image has numerous examples of industries where technology won out. Borders went from being a book store conglomerate to bankrupt because Amazon had better prices and more things are bought online now. The days of shopping at stores is slowly dwindling and the age of streaming and Internet buying has started. Remember all those late fees you would pay at Blockbuster? Well now you can have a monthly subscription of Netflix for the same price and have unlimited streaming ability and also be able to have DVDs sent to your house via mail. The best part, you get all these features while sitting on your couch. Simply call and order, or pay online. The age of communication has changed, I still remember the days where my great grandmother has those telephones will the circular numbers to dial. Nowadays we have wireless phones and not just brick cell phones, we have technology like the Droids and iPhones. It truly is incredible, everyday more people adopt Cloud Computing and Cloud Communication; expanding this new technology idea. Imagine where we could be in another decade? For all those who don't like technology and are afraid where it will lead us, hold onto your seats because we are going to see some incredible inventions over the next ten years. From robots to virtual servers and who knows...maybe teleporting HAHA (I doubt it but who knows). But still this complex idea of Hosted VoIP is just the great beginning, the possibilities down the road are endless. There is no reason not to adopt this new idea, because as I spoke about above, every company who did not conform to the newest technology went bankrupt. VOTACALL: INNOVATE TO COMMUNICATE


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