Customize Your Own Personal VoIP Dashboard

July 8, 2022

Whether you're at home or at the office, when you open your computer everyday you should be confident that what you're looking at will help you succeed - and that could look different for each individual at your office.

That's what we had in mind when designing the My Votacall portal and dashboard.

In addition to that, we know that tasks are different for managers and 'agents' at the workplace, so we incorporated that as well.

The way we do this at Votacall is letting YOU decide what's important to have front and center on that screen when you open up to start your day - and through our years of experience with many different industries, gave the options we felt were the most useful for efficiency, improvement and success.

Custom Supervisor Productivity Tools

As a supervisor, your success depends on the success of your team, right?

With our supervisor portal, we've provided the tools for you to stay on top of what your team is doing, how well they're doing it, and if they are performing up to the standards your expect.

However, we've come to learn that every business/supervisor has a different style, set of goals, and method of leading their team to achieve their goals - so we've given you the power to choose which tools to use and how to use them.


With the new My Votacall portal, not only can you monitor your team, but you can use their activity to help them improve - say recalling a call that went wrong - as well as using them as an example to boost their confidence and teach others through successful instances that you are able to pull up and dissect. 

Custom Agent Productivity Tools

As an 'agent,' or team member, nothing helps you get on track quicker than being comfortable and confident with your setup, in my opinion.

From the agent view of the My Votacall portal, you can choose which statistics are displayed on your dashboard based on what you think is important to pay attention to and what goals you set to achieve on a daily basis.

This control can also play a big part in helping you stay connected and in tune with your team.


From simple messaging to integrating with your favorite customer service platforms and databases, your setup will be perfect for how you operate.

voip-personal-statisticsAs an example, if you are just starting out on a sales team and your goal is make at least 50 calls per day and average a minute per call, you can have these statistics point blank on your dashboard to hold yourself accountable.


Overall, we believe that giving you the control over what you see on our platform can only be advantageous to you, so that's what we did -  and we've seen some incredible results within and outside Votacall since doing so.

To reiterate, that's what we're all about - the ideal customer experience.

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