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Evaluating Your Hosted VoIP Disaster Recovery Plan

December 10, 2015

evaluating-your-hosted-voip-disaster-recovery-planA hosted VoIP disaster recovery plan is essential for ensuring your business has continuous communication during an emergency, such as a natural disaster, severe weather, server outages or even on-site malware attack.

However, it’s important to note that not every hosted VoIP provider offers built-in disaster recovery features. In fact, most providers oblige customers to put a disaster recovery strategy in place and manage it on an ongoing basis. And while this may be feasible for some businesses, it’s frankly not for others – especially smaller businesses that lack the in-house expertise or the resources to build and support a truly robust plan. As such, they are exposed to a major and dangerous gap in their legacy network.

Stay in Front of a Disaster with Hosted VoIP from Votacall

Fortunately, Votacall is ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring that our customers access unimpeded communications and access, at both the administration (system management) and end user (employee) levels – regardless of the emergency scenario that may be unfolding on-site at their location, or at our headquarters.

Specifically, our customers are automatically and at all times protected by the following:

Automatic Failover Response

Our unique vANA (Virtual Autonomous Network Aggregation) triggers an automatic failover response if the hosted VoIP system connection fails for any reason, including those that are not necessarily linked to a natural disaster or emergency.

Diverse Cloud Infrastructure

Unlike some hosted VoIP providers, we maintain a geographically diverse cloud infrastructure. As a result, prevailing local conditions – including emergencies and disasters – have no impact on system access or functionality. Our customers maintain total control, which is vital in an emergency.

Secondary Data Connections

Some hosted VoIP providers are affiliated with specific carriers, which limit what their customers can and cannot do with their system. However, at Votacall, we are resolutely committed to being 100% carrier neutral, as it is in the best interests of our customers. In the context of disaster recovery, this commitment means that our customers are free to install a secondary data connection, which will power their hosted VoIP system if the primary bandwidth goes offline for any reason.

E911 Service

And last but not least, our customers can rest easy knowing that they can access emergency 911 services (E911), just as they would with a landline or mobile phone.

The Bottom Line

The smartest and safest way to handle a disaster is to be proactive – because once disaster strikes, there is no time to plan or implement strategies. Fortunately, Votacall’s customers can be assured that their hosted VoIP system is backed by multiple layers of protection “just in case” the unexpected happens.

To learn more about our commitment to keeping customers safe, connected and in total control of their hosted VoIP system at all times – even during disasters and emergencies – contact us today.

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