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How Hosted VoIP Features Stack Up Vs. Your Traditional Phone System

December 11, 2015

how-voip-phone-system-features-stack-up-vs.-landlinesWhile VoIP phone systems certainly aren’t new, there remains a few misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding their versatility, features and functionality when compared to standard landlines.

Specifically, there is confusion among some business leaders that, when you compare “apples to apples”, hosted VoIP features doesn’t stack up against landlines.

Well, this is half right...

Yes, it’s true that in a head-to-head comparison, a VoIP phone system doesn’t do exactly what landlines do. But by no means does a VoIP phone system come out on the losing end of this battle. On the contrary, hosted VoIP features are FAR superior to landlines for several key reasons!

Why Hosted VoIP Features Bring More Benefits than Landlines

To start with, here’s a snapshot of just some of the versatile VoIP Phone System features that aren't available with standard landlines:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conferencing
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Voicemail-to-Text
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Calendaring
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities
  • Call Forwarding (to cell or any other number)
  • One-Number Service (ideal for BYOD users)

Additional Advantages of a VoIP Phone System

Usability features are just the start because a business VoIP system has other built-in advantages and capacities compared to traditional landlines, including:
  • Built-in VoIP scalability via a “pay as you grow” model that starts as low as 5 users and expands to well over 5000 just by adding phones and licenses.
  • VoIP mobility lets employees use the VoIP system anytime and anywhere – which is ideal for remote teams, sales people, etc.
  • No long distance fees or unpredictable monthly phone bills.
  • Extreme flexibility simply by logging into a web-based system to make any changes – including administrative-level adjustments.
  • Multiple levels of redundancy to ensure business continuity in the event of on-site power outages.
  • A vast library of innovative apps that enhance functionality and features.
  • Fully management solutions that require no contracts, maintenance fees, programming or troubleshooting.

The Bottom Line

When you compare VoIP phone system features with traditional landlines, it’s simply no contest - a hosted VoIP phone system comes out ahead on every level that matters: cost (both initial investment and TCO), features, portability, flexibility, convenience, mobility, scalability, continuity, innovation and technical support.

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If you’re ready to reap these advantages in your environment, then contact the award-winning VoIP phone system leaders at Votacall today. We’ll work with you to customize your innovative Unified Communication Strategy, which is one that empowers your people and elevates your business!

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