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Protect Your Business: Add Data Backup to VoIP Disaster Recovery Plan

December 10, 2015

protect-your-business-add-data-backup-to-voip-disaster-recovery-planWhether the threat is a natural disaster, cyber crime hack, primary server hard drive crash or even a terrorist attack, all businesses - regardless of the size or marketplace - need to have a robust, comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place “just in case”; because once disaster strikes, there’s no turning back the clock or undoing the damage.   

And while your overall disaster recovery plan should have many aspects, a specific section should focus on your VoIP system (and your telecommunication systems in general), since it’s during an unexpected incident that you need to keep the communication lines open. 

While there are some core elements of a robust VoIP disaster recovery plan – including secondary connections, network aggregation, and geographically dispersed hosting – among the most important, and yet sometimes overlooked, is data backup. 

Here are the 3 key reasons why adding data backup to your VoIP disaster recovery plan is essential for protecting your business: 

3 Reasons to Add Data Backup to Your VoIP Disaster Recovery:

1. It Prevents Potentially Catastrophic Data Loss 

VoIP phone systems are more than just networks that connect employees and customers from anywhere in the world at anytime. The systems capture vast amounts of data that keep call directories functioning, and operations running smoothly. Potentially losing this data could be disastrous. Regular data backup prevents this nightmarish possibility from turning into a reality. 

2. It Enables Communication 

As noted above, it’s precisely during an unforeseen incident - which may not even be due to a natural disaster, but could be due to a hack or hard drive crash - that you need to keep the lines of communication open so your people can stay connected and mobilize. Regularly backing up your VoIP system supports this critical objective, since you can retrieve data and files and re-install them on any server or computer, anywhere in the world. 

3. It Takes Place in Real-Time 

If your business takes advantage of Votacall’s hosted VoIP solution, then you will have access to the Votacall Virtual Vault, which is our fully managed real-time cloud data backup solution. What’s more, our experts constantly monitor your systems and ensure that your valuable data is protected at all times. We also email you when each backup is complete, so that you have the peace of mind in knowing that if you need to recover any files, then you can do so simply, quickly and on-demand. 

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