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High Schools Adopting Cloud Technology

Andy DeAngelis
August 17, 2012

The current technology world is changing day by day. Many industries have learned that the old premise-based PBX communication systems will no longer offer the resources and services a business needs to please its customers and employees. Even the higher education industry has adapted. For example, a shrewsbury MA high school has turned to cloud communication in order to increase learning and productivity among its students and teachers. The new system has allowed for many positives to be generated throughout the school. Their hope is to create the best learning enviornment for our students. They are the future of our world. Dont they deserve the best opportunity to excel?

The monitoring service provided by the hosted VoIP provider allows for students to be on a cloud server. However, their activity can be constantly monitored by the teacher. This server allows papers and assighnments to be uploaded so the teacher can grade them right offline if so desired. Some people may think this is an unsecure way of delivering important assighnments but the provider guarantees there will be no issues. Everything is backed up in a neutral site and cannot suffer a "crash". Most schools have had crashes every couple months and lose important data concerning grades and payment for employees.

This is a new age of technology that students and teachers must get used to. But does it not make sense to teach the younger generation the ideas and concepts of cloud technology when they are still in school? I would think so, because this trend seems to be the future of computers and communication, nevermind the future of business as we know it. If the younger generation can master it when they are young, imagine the possibilities they can achieve by the time they are ready to retire from whatever field they choose in life. I would think the possibilities are endless.

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