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Why should we choose Votacall's cloud-based services VS. old PBX systems?

August 17, 2012

The Unified Communications Community is designed for decision-makers who are looking to drive efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Information on the Unified Communications Community addresses issues important to decision-makers involved in maintaining their competitive edge and remaining at the forefront of all next-generation technology.


Votacall’s services will allow businesses to achieve important competitive advantages over its competition. Due to an increase in the level of customer satisfaction, improvement in employee productivity through added communication adjustability, and ultimately acclimating communications and operations into one seamless functioning unit. Votacall offers packages that cater to small, medium and large businesses with many broad options. The options allow businesses to choose exactly what they desire and need; without forcing any additional features and expenses onto them. Votacall’s clients reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 20%, with a 70% reduction in startup expenses, including no ongoing maintenance fees. This compares significantly better than the premise-based PBX systems.


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