The stubborness to accept the "Cloud"

August 17, 2012

Nowadays there are many types of entrepreneurs that cover a broad range of styles and ages. Many having been in their specific industry for 30, 40 or even 50 years; while others have just created a new start-up company within the past year. The younger entrepreneurs grew up during the technology boom and are more willing to accept the idea of a "Cloud" holding their companies most valuable and irreplaceable data. On the other hand, owners whom have been using the same storage and communication devices for the past half a century tend to be stubborn towards change. They cannot grasp the idea of a virtual space outside their office that controls what some would say the most important aspects of a business; its data and communication processes. My father is one such owner; he has owned a business with around 1,000 employees for the past 35 years. He has been very successful with his old-school ways of doing things but does not even realize the possibilities he could achieve if he would adapt to the constantly morphing economy. The technology savvy people have no issue switching to the "Cloud" idea and they will benefit directly because of that. This new idea of communication and data storage is the best thing a company could buy into because of all the extra options and functions the technology currently has (VoIP, Fixed Mobile Convergence, analytics of call tracking, safe data storage, ACT! Phone Connector, and the list goes on...). Everyone in this world who has the means should adapt to the "Cloud" because in its current youth it remains the best communication option available. Imagine the power and technology the "Cloud" could posses in 25 years? One can only dream.

You Must INNOVATE to Efficiently COMMUNICATE

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