The Changing Cloud Industry and Why More and More Companies Are Choosing it

August 17, 2012

7/2/12 - Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts-As the year goes on the cloud communications industry continues to grow. Through the addition of VoIP services the technology is growing everyday. The customers have demanded more and more features with the desire to have every need met. This is forcing providers to develop a Hosted VoIP PBX, mainly through reverse engineering. This hurts the already established providers because it saturates the market. Especially our company working as a Boston VoIP provider takes a hit on market share. All the companies are trying to establish themselves and be a Hosted VoIP Solution to customers. They have seen a decline in the demand for premise-based connections and want to dive head first into another part of the communication industry. They want to re-generate a market share that rivals if not surpassed their competition. Broadsoft is a company that many try and copy without giving proper respect that is due. They are a forerunner in Cloud Technology and have had a large market share when dealing with Unified Communications since they were established. IT departments face many issues and demands from customers and employees. Once way to answer these issues is to establish a partnership with a Reliable VoIP or Hosted VoIP Provider. Their cloud innovations allow a company to have access to many features including Video Conferencing and a great Customer Experience. The companies thrive on customer satisfaction by always being available for calls with trouble shooting and general questions. The upgrades continue to fly in and Hosted VoIP Providers frequently ask the IT departments of companies whether or not they want to upgrade for little to no extra cost. When it comes to companies, they need to enter the Business-class hosted VoIP arena in order to stay ahead or with the competition. If a company decides to stay old-school and refuse to adapt to Cloud technology they run a significant risk of failing all together. Communication will always be a key piece of business and without the latest technology available a company will find themselves dealing with constant hassles, problems and employee/customer in-satisfaction. The choice is simple, a company must switch to a Hosted VoIP provider such as Votacall in order to remain in competition within their respective industry.

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