Votacall Unity Desktop Pro

August 17, 2012

Our company has a new product that will offer you a highly functional telecom desktop system while remaining simple and user-friendly. This intuitive icon based application will increase productivity through simple point and click access in addition to eliminating stress through the simplicity it brings. The features range from secure instant messaging to call control, within the familiar desktop environment. This system will improve work environment collaboration by bringing users closer to one another and ultimately simplifying internal and external communications. The Unity Desktop Pro can be re-branded with your company’s logo and color scheme in order to give your employees and even pleasanter feeling. This system is low cost and provides access to advanced features and communication functionality. Overall, this system will improve productivity and allow for a simpler experience for users.

Being a leader in Hosted VoIP services especially in the Boston Hosted VoIP community, Votacall offers many features and services that the competition simply cannot. The Unity Desktop Pro offers numerous features that will allow users to increase productivity while limiting hassle. The features offer Click-to-dial from Outlook which cuts down time from making calls and secure instant messaging which enables users to interact within the workplace quickly and seamlessly. Also, The call control allows for users to transfer, switch, block or ignore a call at a moments notice. Votacall service configuration is top of the line and keeps the customer as first priority. To cut down stress, the software allows for your companies directory to be integrated into the system, customizing it for convenient use. This Business Class VoIP application intends to limit the communication hassles for its users. Many Unified Communication companies hear complaints about how complex their Telecom desktop system is and that they cant use the features they paid for. With the Votacall Unity Desktop Pro, these issue will disappear because the features are simple and the whole program remains entirely un-complex.

This application compliments any Phone System and allows for the Telecom companies to please their customers. The Massachusetts VoIP industry is very competative, this service allows Votacall to stay ahead of its competition and bring its customers with them. Votacall remains a reliable VoIP provider and does this by committing to Cloud Communications and continues to add new products and services to its repertoire.

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